Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?

We all know that swimming helps with mental health, but what if our body image is stopping us from getting in the water? The health and wellbeing benefits of swimming are widely known, including a positive influence on body image and self-esteem. But how do we access these benefits if we don’t have the confidence to get our bodies in the water? Here at Curvy Swimwear, we are not health and wellbeing experts, but we do have first-hand experience with the power of the perfect swimsuit. We receive regular feedback from our community on how our swimsuits have helped them feel confident to get back in the pool or enjoy the beach again. It's all about that Curvy Confidence!

Know Your Body

Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?

Be Kind to Yourself

We are in the business of women’s swimwear, so we understand the body image issues that exist. Every week, we are contacted by women who are desperate to feel good in a swimsuit so they can enjoy the beach or pool with friends and family. It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to love everything about themselves. We all have our own personal hang-ups and these can change from day to day. Body acceptance can be a slow process and it can take time to find the confidence you need to step out in a swimsuit.

Take Your Time

Take your time to identify the parts of yourself that you feel confident to show off. Play these up in clothing and swimwear while you develop a better body image. The Curvy Swimwear collection includes a variety of styles that let you show off your favourite parts and conceal the ones you’re not friends with yet. Be patient and you'll be Curvy Confident in no time.

Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?

Find a Modest Swimsuit

Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?

Cover Up in Style

If modesty is holding you back from enjoying the water, fear not. The Curvy Swimwear collection includes a wide range of swim separates that offer coverage for the whole body. Whether for cultural reasons or you just like to keep your curves to yourself, you’ll find pieces that suit your needs, with more great styles coming soon.

Modest Swim Solutions

Keep arms covered with long sleeves styles including rash vests and one pieces. These styles provide full coverage for the torso and arms, with a zip front closure to adjust your neckline. Pair these with longer length swim pants, to achieve your desired coverage. Skirted styles offer coverage for the hips, bottom, and upper thighs. These can be worn over swimsuits or longer swim pants to keep curves under wraps. Try a swim dress, skater skirt, or wrap mesh skirt, for modesty in and out of the water.

Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?

Change Up Your Style

Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?

Out with the Old

If you’ve been wearing the same style of swimsuit for years and you hate the way you look or feel in it, it’s time to try something new. The right style of swimsuit can do wonders for your body confidence. We receive regular feedback from our customers who have taken the plunge to try a new style and it completely changes the way they feel.

Try Something New

This can mean finding a style with more coverage, or often, less! A change in leg rise can do wonders for your confidence. For example, a higher cut will elongate the legs and flatter the booty, whereas a longer style might offer you the modesty you’ve been missing.

Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?
Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?

Think Outside the Box

Switching up your idea of what a swimsuit should be can help boost your confidence. A swim dress is a great one piece alternative that skims over the body and covers the hips and bottom. It offers a more feminine and flattering look to the one-piece/board short combo. While we do love a practical boardie, we know they aren’t always the most fashionable swimwear choice. If you aren’t really feeling it in your board shorts, consider a swim skirt over your swimsuit or a more fitted bike pant style. You’ll achieve the same coverage in a more curve friendly design.

Ditch the T-Shirt

Are you guilty of hiding under an oversized t-shirt at the beach or pool? You know you’re doing yourself zero favours in this getup, so it’s time to switch that up! Once it gets wet, your tee clings to your curves, so you might as well cut to the chase in a stylish swimsuit that fits you beautifully. Choose a full coverage one piece with a sleeve or finish your look with a gorgeous rash vest in a beautiful print.

Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?

Get Fit Advice

Find Your Ideal Swimsuit

The best thing you can do for your body confidence is to wear swimwear and clothing that fits you correctly, now. Don’t buy a smaller size hoping you’ll lose weight and eventually fit it. Work with your size and shape as it is and dress it in the best style and fit for you. You’ll be surprised how good you’ll look and feel in well-fitting clothing. For more advice on the right style and size for you, contact us on our online chat or send us an email. We are always happy to share our experience and expertise in swimwear design and fit so that you can look and feel fantastic!

Is Your Body Image Stopping You From Swimming?

At Curvy Swimwear, we exist to make women feel fabulous and Curvy Confident in their swimwear. Everyone deserves to enjoy all the fun that comes with wearing a swimsuit. Our favourite part of being an inclusive swimwear brand is receiving positive feedback from our customers. We love to hear how confident they feel in their new swimwear, getting out and enjoying the water. “I was always too conscious about wearing swimmers in public, but with these swimmers I feel so comfortable and confident I’m happy to swim. These swimmers are so comfortable and supportive and very flattering. Definitely worth the money. I’ll be buying my swimmers from this site from now on.” – Kate, one of our very happy customers.

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