Black Bikini Bottoms | Choose Your Style

While our collection is full of gorgeous prints and vibrant hues, Black is still our most popular swimwear colour. Black bikini bottoms are a swimwear staple with many different styles available. From brief hipster bikinis to ¾ length leggings, there is a Black bikini bottom for everyone.

Black Swim Bottoms

Black Bikini Bottoms | Choose Your Style


Black bikini bottoms in hipster or high rise cuts offer both comfort and style. Hipster bottoms sit on the hips, providing moderate coverage with a low-rise waistline. Our high rise bottoms, with their elevated waistline, offer extra coverage and support while creating a sleek silhouette. The higher cut leg line, elongates your pins for a flattering a sexy look. Both styles are versatile and timeless, ready to mix and match with your favourite swim top.

Black High Waisted Bikini Bottoms


Black high waisted, full coverage bikini bottoms offer a perfect mix of elegance and confidence. With a waistline that sits comfortably above the belly button, these swim bottoms provide maximum coverage and support, smoothing the midsection and enhancing natural curves. The Belly Pant features ruching across the tummy for extra stretch over curvier bellies, including baby bumps.

Black Bikini Bottoms | Choose Your Style

Black Swim Shorts

Black Bikini Bottoms | Choose Your Style


Our boyleg swim bottoms, bike pants, and leggings offer a practical and comfortable swimwear option. Boyleg pants provide full coverage for the hips and bottom with a sporty cut. Bike pants extend a little further down the thigh and are perfect for all water sports. For more coverage or warmth, try 3/4 length swim length leggings. These modest swim tights are great for swimming and other water activities. Best of all, these styles are all available in black chlorine resistant fabric. Perfect for regular trips to the pool and spa.


Swim skirts and board shorts are perfect for those wanting to add stylish coverage over their swimwear. Our skater skirt can be worn over any swimsuit to cover the hips and bottom. Swim skirts provide a feminine touch that offers ease of movement and a flattering fit. Board shorts, on the other hand, offer a sporty and practical option for active beach days and water sports. Available in versatile black, these pieces are perfect to have on hand when you need a little more coverage or just want to change up your look.

Black Bikini Bottoms | Choose Your Style

Black bikini bottoms offer a timeless look that combines versatility, style, and confidence. Whether you prefer the playful fit of hipsters, the retro styling of high waisted bikini bottoms, or the sporty practicality of bike pants, black bikini bottoms provide a flattering and chic option for every body type and preference. Feel confident and beach ready by adding a pair of black bikini pants to your swim wardrobe!

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