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Curvy Swimwear is going Pink for June

For the month of June, 10% of sales from our gorgeous new Pink Sleeveless Zip Up One Piece and our best-selling Pink Metallic collection will benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation's Go Pink campaign. Join us in supporting their vision of Zero Deaths from Breast Cancer and make a difference by supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

We have reunited with our models Mel and Tui to bring further awareness to this essential fundraising campaign. You may remember these fabulous women from our mastectomy swimwear shoot a couple of years ago. This time around they are joined by the wonderful Cathy. All 3 women have experienced double mastectomies as a result of breast cancer.

Early detection, essential surgery, and ongoing medical treatment have contributed to the survival of these 3 women along with many more. Research and treatment availability depends on financially supporting organisations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The goal of zero deaths from breast cancer is achievable with education, prevention, detection, and treatment.  

The Go Pink campaign encourages individuals and groups to raise funds by wearing pink, shaving their heads, or colouring their hair pink. You can choose your day to take the pink pledge or rock it all June long. Get your friends, family, and community to sponsor your effort. Your contribution will help the National Breast Cancer Foundation conduct world-class research in its quest for zero deaths.

If you’re in the market for a new swimsuit, consider the new Pink Chlorine Resistant sleeveless zip up one piece or one of our Metallic Pink one piece swimsuits. We will do the donating for you, with 10% of sales going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Our wonder women rocking the new Pink chlorine resistant one piece for the Go Pink campaign. 

Meet Our Breast Cancer Warriors 

Let’s meet the kind of wonderful women you will support and learn more about their stories.

The women's stories highlight the importance of regular mammograms, the power of self-advocacy, and the need for fashionable, functional post-mastectomy swimwear. Their journeys inspire us to embrace our unique selves, seek help when needed, and prioritise our health.


Meet Mel, a 53-year-old breast cancer warrior who is five years post-double mastectomy and reconstruction. Despite having no family history of the disease, Mel began regular mammograms at 42. At 48, a routine mammogram detected a lump, leading to a biopsy and a life-changing diagnosis: breast cancer. 

The news was numbing and surreal, taking time to fully process. Without hesitation, Mel chose to undergo a double mastectomy. This decision proved crucial when doctors discovered two types of cancer spreading through her milk ducts and three tumours. A lumpectomy wouldn't have sufficed, confirming that Mel's choice was the right one. 

Mel's advice? "Have your mammograms regularly from as young as possible. Early and regular screenings create a comparative timeline, making it easier to detect any changes. The great news? I no longer need mammograms!"

Through her journey, Mel has learned invaluable life lessons:

Acceptance and Asking for Help: "I realised I can't control everything, and that's okay. Asking for help is necessary. I was very independent, but cancer taught me the importance of leaning on others.

Perspective on Life: "Don't sweat the small stuff. Hearing 'You have cancer' is a shock. Now, I embrace a more laid-back approach to life. Be yourself and don't worry about what others think."

The Struggle with Post-Mastectomy Swimwear: Finding stylish and comfortable post-mastectomy swimwear was a challenge for Mel. Most available options were outdated, catering to older demographics despite younger women also needing these solutions. Key features Mel looks for include:

  • High coverage under the arms to conceal scars
  • Modest front cuts
  • Tummy support

"I still want to feel normal and comfortable in swimwear, which is why I love Curvy Swimwear styles," says Mel. Curvy Swimwear offers trendy, supportive designs that help women like Mel feel confident and beautiful. 


Cathy, Mel, and Tui showing support for the National Breast Cancer Foundation's Go Pink campaign. 


We had the privilege of sitting down with Tui, a breast cancer survivor and an incredible source of inspiration, as part of our mission to raise funds for the NBCF Go Pink campaign. Here is her story. 

In September 2020, Tui's life took a drastic turn when she discovered a lump in her breast. Despite not being encouraged by her doctor to get a mammogram or ultrasound, Tui's vigilance led to the discovery of breast cancer at 40 years old. By the time it was detected, the tumour had grown to 11cm and was hiding in her E cup breasts, resulting in a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis. 

Tui underwent a double mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. She is currently on chemotherapy drugs for the next 10 years. Despite this challenging period, Tui's journey has been transformative. At 42, she began studying for a social welfare and counselling degree, which helped instil in her the mindset to never give up, even when the odds are stacked against you. 

Her diagnosis of ductal carcinoma breast cancer, the most common type, required intensive treatment because the lump had grown significantly by the time it was found. 

Tui's biggest surprise was menopause, caused by chemotherapy which kills the ovaries. She feels that although she lost some of her female identity and dignity, her adversity has made her stronger, and she would like to see a change in social policy to ensure that every GP recommends mammograms starting at age 35. 

Tui's story is a testament to resilience and the importance of early detection. Her advocacy for earlier mammograms is a powerful reminder for us all. We are honoured that she shared her journey with us. 


Meet Cathy, an incredible breast cancer survivor who joins us for the Go Pink campaign. 

Cathy faced a life-changing breast cancer diagnosis last November, which she has dealt with with amazing courage and determination. At 53, Cathy went in for her very first mammogram. Little did she know it would be both her first and last. The test revealed a lump high up in her chest, leading to a double mastectomy.

Cathy's experience highlights the crucial importance of early detection. Although there was no history of breast cancer in her family, she now strongly advocates for getting a mammogram as soon as possible. Her journey has also inspired her 28-year-old daughter, who has already had her first mammogram. 

Representation for women post-mastectomy is something Cathy is passionate about. She found it challenging to dress herself after her surgery and appreciates the ruffles, ruching, and chlorine-resistant options of Curvy Swimwear's mastectomy range. These pieces will be super handy when Cathy returns to her job as a swimming instructor. 

Cathy's story is a powerful reminder of resilience. Her advocacy for early detection and representation of women post-mastectomy is truly inspiring. We are so grateful to Cathy for joining our campaign shoot and sharing her journey.

Go Pink! With Curvy Swimwear

This month, shop our pink one piece collection and we will donate 10% of sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Choose from one or more of these fabulous styles to support this worthwhile and essential campaign. 


Shop our fabulous Pink swimsuits to support the Go Pink campaign this June 

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