Where To Find Tummy Control Swimwear

We are all looking for the perfect tummy control swimsuit. Universally, the mid section is the part of the body that makes us feel the most self conscious when swimsuit season comes around. Fortunately, Curvy Swimwear is here to help. 

Different design features will work for different body shapes. Our tummy control swimwear styles feature either ruching, panelling, ruffles or swing and dress shapes. Each design element will give a different look and feel to the tummy area depending on your individual needs. 

Tummy control is a key factor in our swimwear and we keep it in mind with each and every design and print we choose. A print can work wonders in a tummy control swimsuit as we all know that stripes and other features will make us look a certain way. Optical illusions can conceal, accentuate or create a new shape for your body. 


Tummy Control Swimwear Features

Browse through this blog to learn more about our tummy control options or jump straight to the feature that you're interested in. 


If you are looking to accentuate your waist while adding a little coverage to your tummy, ruching is a perfect choice. The way the fabric scrunches across the front will assist in flattering your stomach area as it disguises any unwanted folds.

The Power Mesh lining featured in all our swimsuits will hold you in helping to create a more defined waistline. This material will draw your stomach in and work towards creating a slimmer silhouette in the process. 

We use this ruching and mesh design feature in most of our swimsuits to create support and shaping for your mid section. You'll find ruched options in both our tankini and one piece collections. Our underwire styles are perfect swimsuits featuring ruching. The underwire also helps to lift the bust, creating more definition for the waistline. 

Corsica floral underwire ruched one piece

Corsica Underwire Ruched One Piece


Another great tummy control swimsuit feature is panelling. Panelling is where you have a large print down the middle of your swimsuit with black panels running vertically on either side. This helps draw in the sides of your stomach and has a great slimming effect. As you are drawn into the pattern, it slims the silhouette. It is an optical illusion that creates a longer, leaner appearance to the body. 

This is one of our most popular designs as it really does work to slim the body. Panelling is best for women who want to create a slimmer silhouette and lengthen your torso. They can also be good for minimising a larger bust. 

Our wide strap swim dresses are all panelled to give a lovely shape to your body. We also feature panelling in a selection of our long sleeve one pieces. These swimsuits also feature a black waistband detail to further flatter your mid section. 

molokai tropical panelled wide strap swim dress

Molokai Wide Strap Swim Dress


Ruffles and frills are a fabulous tummy control design option. For women who prefer to completely disguise their mid section, our 3 tier ruffled swimsuits skim over the bust, belly and hips to cover you in a flattering and stylish way.

A three tier one piece is great for slimming your stomach. It has three big ruffles that overlap in a V shape, creating an optical slimming effect. You can get the three tier swimsuit in a tankini or a one piece. It comes in black as well as a variety of gorgeous prints. It is a really popular tummy control swimsuit that we offer and ladies are always happy with the results. 

Santorini Blue paisley 3 tier ruffle one piece swimsuit 

Santorini Blue 3 Tier Tankini Top


More camouflage than control, a swing tankini top that flares out from under the bust is a great option for larger tummies. Pregnant bellies that are continuing to grow will love the way the swing tankini falls over the mid section without feeling restrictive. We now have a variety of swing style tankini tops in our collection in a range of different lengths to suit your body and style preference. 

Acapulco Bustier Peplum tankini top

Acapulco Black Peplum Bandeau Tankini Top

If you are looking for a great tummy control swimwear then look no further! We have the best tummy flattering swimsuits for every size and shape. 

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