February 26, 2020 2 min read

One Piece Swimsuits 

At Curvy Swimwear we are dedicated to helping you find the most perfect swimwear to suit you and your style needs. I’m sure you all know that magical feeling when you find “the one?” Lucky for you, you can experience that happiness over and over again with our stunning selection of one piece swimsuits. It is your time to find the swimsuit you love and enjoy those warmer days in the sun and with the kids. Bikinis may have stolen the spotlight for a little while there, but one pieces are all the rage this year and for years to come.

Our stunning,  timeless, flattering one pieces work for women of all ages, shapes and sizes no matter your style needs and preferences.  If you think one piece bathing suits are boring, think again. We’ve created swimwear for every body shape. Apple, pear, rectangle, sporty, thin, tall, short or just needing a heck of support, we have you covered.

Swimsuit styles

Are you looking for a sexier swimsuit online? You can now show off some skin in styles with our fun cut-outs, or even try a plunge orhalter swimsuit to highlight your cleavage. Do you like to swim laps or exercise in the water? Then, asupportive, chlorine resistant tank swimsuit is a great swimsuit option for you. Coming with thick, comfortable straps, racerback and cross back swimsuits allow you to move freely in the water but keep you secure at the same time.


Most of our stunning swimsuits are lined with power mesh tummy control fabric. If you don’t know about power mesh, it is a fabric that essentially smooths your figure to keep you feeling confident all day long as it is built into the swimsuit design. If you prefer having additional tummy coverage, try one of our swim dressesas they are designed with an extra dress over the top of the one piece for a flattering, longer, flowy,  fit and comfortable fit.

For chic style and coverage up top, try out a high neck suit. Our new luxe sport range offers 3 chlorine resistant, high neck swimsuits to keep you comfortable and supported when in the pool. When it comes to one piece swimwear, we really do, do it best. You can shop one pieces in sizes 12-30 today! Follow us on our social media to keep up with all of our giveaways, modelling competitions and even hits at the new season and BTS, @curvyswimwear

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