Meet our Ambassadors | CHARLOTTE & EMMA

Our final round of ambassadors is here for you to meet. We are beyond thrilled to introduce you to Charlotte and Emma, the dynamic duo completing our fabulous group of Curvy Confidence Club Ambassadors. As self-love influencers, these two amazing young women are on a mission to inspire and educate with their body-positive message. 

Please read on to discover more about these amazing ambassadors. 

Two women stand by the pool under a yellow and white striped beach umbrella. They wear navy and white polka dot one piece swimsuits.

Meet our final two Curvy Confidence Club Ambassadors, Emma and Charlotte. 


Quietly confident, Charlotte is the strong and silent type who leaves you wondering “Who’s that girl?”. She radiates beauty and sensuality and inspires others with her self-love and body positivity. Charlotte is an advocate for Lipoedema, who generously shares her experience with the world, with honesty and care. We are fangirling over Charlotte, big time.  

At 28 and having been diagnosed with stage 3 Lipoedema, Charlotte understands the struggles first-hand, and is on a mission to increase representation for those with Lipoedema. She wants to help others learn to feel confident in their own skin, something Charlotte is succeeding at on her journey. 

“Curvy confidence is the definition of feeling empowered in my skin. I love swimwear, being able to feel sexy, comfortable, and embracing my curves. I believe I will be a great ambassador as I embrace my lipoedema and want other people to feel the way I do. Accepted and BEAUTIFUL.”

Growing up as a "chubby redhead with freckles", Charlotte struggled to find anyone who represented her in the media. She now understands the power of social media, both its daunting negativity and its warmth and positivity in the right space. Her mission is to use social media to increase representation for people like her. 

Spending years covering up her body, Charlotte recently began weightlifting and modelling, which has been a humbling and empowering experience. Now, she's stepping into 2024 with gratitude and excitement, ready to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness. 


Woman with long red hair reclines by the pool wearing a green v neck one piece swimsuit

Woman with red hair wears green v neck one piece 

Charlotte strikes a pose with confidence, inspiring others to celebrate and love their curves


Emma is a glowing ray of sunshine. A dazzling Disney princess with a joyful sense of humour. Emma radiates kindness and quirkiness with her angelic personality and big heart. She has big, beautiful dreams and we have no doubt that she will achieve every one of them. Emma is the bubbles in your champagne and the warmth in your hug. She lifts the mood with her presence and leaves you with more confidence than you had before.

“I believe that I can continue to boost the confidence of others to assist in feeling confident in their own skin, to be a cheerleader for others when they can’t be one for themselves, and to be part of the movement on a bigger scale that allows people to shine a light on their uniqueness whilst looking amazing doing it!”

Emma's love for travelling and experiencing new cultures fuels her desire to promote body positivity. She loves and appreciates her body's ability to move her through life's adventures whether it's engaging in sports or going on long walks. Embracing who she is and everything her body allows her to do brings Emma a profound sense of joy and fulfilment. 

With each new opportunity that comes her way, Emma is determined to seize the moment and inspire others to do the same. Emma encourages everyone to declutter their social media feeds and ensure they surround themselves with positive influences that uplift and inspire. We are 100% on board with that!


Woman with long brown hair wears bright floral one piece swimsuit

Woman with long brown hair wears bright floral one piece swimsuit 

Beautiful Emma is a gorgeous ray of sunshine who radiates self-love and joy

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