Meet our Ambassadors | TEGAN, PAMELA & MONALISA

The Curvy Confidence Club ambassador search was more fabulous than we could have hoped for. The influx of applications, the first photo shoot, and the response from our community have exceeded our expectations. We have been blessed with a group of wonderful women who radiate Curvy Confidence and inspire others to do so.

Curvy Swimwear loves to celebrate the diversity within our community, showing our designs on women of all shapes and sizes. We believe our 2024 Curvy Confidence Club ambassadors represent just some of the variety we have in our community. From size 12 to size 22, our first round of superstars not only offer body diversity, but unique individual stories and life experiences.

At the first photo shoot, each ambassador arrived with a positive attitude, expected nerves, and an instant cheerleader mentality towards everyone on set. The air was filled with love, encouragement, gratitude, and support. These women came in loving themselves and shared that confidence with everyone around them.

The day began with the glam squad pampering our beauties and ended with a swim and a delicious lunch by the water. The Curvy Pool was crowned Miss Popularity, cooling everyone off after a long and sweaty photo shoot with our favourite photographer, Carlene Raschke. It truly was the most perfect day.

We can’t wait to share more of these beautiful women rocking our swimwear throughout the year. But enough chit chat, let’s meet a few of our 2024 Curvy Confidence Club ambassadors.

Eight women pose by the pool wearing different styles of colourful swimsuits 

Introducing our Curvy Confidence Club ambassadors for 2024


Tegan is a firecracker! At 40, Tegan is living life to the fullest. She is a devoted cat mum to El Jefe and a firm advocate for body positivity. She is a fun and confident woman who loves to play with fashion and beauty. Tegan is a chameleon when it comes to her unique, personal style and we love her impressive wig collection!  

Tegan is fiercely independent. She lives authentically and creatively, making mindful choices for her health and personal growth. She is a woman who prioritises her own needs while ensuring everyone gets their moment in the spotlight. She is also a talented artist who shares her colorful creations with the world.

Being a Curvy Confidence Club ambassador has pushed Tegan out of her comfort zone and she feels liberated modelling our gorgeous swimwear. Tegan has always felt confident in her skin but recently underwent a weight loss journey for her overall health.

“I always thought I looked amazing. The difference is in how I feel – health-wise, energy levels.”

Tegan advises anyone embarking on a weight loss journey for health, to take it slow, set achievable goals, and prioritise self-care. Daily walks were one of the ways Tegan maintained her motivation and stayed focused on her goals. She also found value in them for her mental and emotional health.

With an unwavering sense of self, Tegan exudes confidence in her own skin. She reminds us that true body confidence is about embracing your unique journey and wearing your authenticity with pride.


Woman with short curly blonde hair reclines on a white sun lounge, wears black and floral off the shoulder bikini top and matching high waisted pants

Woman with short curly blonde hair poses in the pool wearing black and floral off the shoulder bikini top and high waisted pants

Tegan radiates health and happiness with her unique personal style


Our beautiful ambassador, Pamela, begins her day with self-love affirmations, living by her favourite quote, “Be who you truly are.” Pamela radiates body positivity, inspiring others to embrace their uniqueness. She draws inspiration from her nanna, a tall and confident woman who taught her the importance of self-love and acceptance.

Pamela loves every aspect of her body, from her cellulite to the stretch marks she bears from her children. She believes that every mark tells a beautiful story. Pamela defines body confidence as a sense of self-assurance and empowerment derived from embracing her curvaceous body. She is determined to make a difference and spread the message that every body is beautiful.

“Ultimately, being a curvy swimwear ambassador is about using my platform to promote body positivity, inclusivity, and self-acceptance.”

Pamela is a glamorous goddess with a heart of gold. In life, everyone needs a Pamela on their side. She is the supportive girl in the club bathrooms on a Saturday night who will end up being your friend for life. Her confidence is infectious, and she makes everyone feel like a star. You will never feel lonely or unworthy when Pamela is around. A true friend and queen.


Woman with dark brown hair lies by the pool wearing white v neck one piece with yellow floral design

Woman with dark brown hair poses in a white v neck one piece with yellow floral print 

Pamela is a self-love queen who inspires others to embrace their uniqeness


Monalisa shines bright like a diamond. It is impossible not to smile when you’re in her presence. She radiates love and happiness with her infectious smile and bubbly personality. At 24 years young, Monalisa is making waves in more ways than one. As a full-time registered nurse, she scrubs in with surgeons and brings positivity wherever she goes.

For Monalisa, body positivity is all about embracing every inch of herself, even on days she might not feel amazing. She is excited to be a Curvy Confidence Club ambassador and strongly believes in the importance of showcasing diverse body types, proving beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

“I know where I started in my confidence journey, and I would love to be an example for people who might feel that way too. I would love to be a part of a movement of curvy women everywhere being their authentic selves and embracing who they are.”

Her beautiful demeanour is a product of her adoring and supportive family. Inspired by her parents’ constant encouragement to embrace her curves growing up, Monalisa celebrates her beauty and everything about her body. She believes we are all perfect just as we are.

“I want to encourage women to embrace their authenticity and rock that bikini with confidence. Because yes, we are queens, and we can wear whatever we want! Every curve tells a beautiful story.”



Woman with long dark brown braids wears bright coloured floral bikini.


Woman with long dark brown braids poses in the pool, wears bright floral bikini

Monalisa rocks a bikini with confidence and believes we are all perfect just as we are 


Stay tuned to meet more of our inspiring Curvy Confidence Club ambassadors for 2024!

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