Meet our Ambassadors | NAT, HELEN & SHANNON

You've met Tegan, Pamela, and Monalisa, now it's time for us to introduce you to three more of our Curvy Confidence Club beauties. This week we are excited for you to meet our ambassadors, Nat, Helen, and Shannon. 

This fabulous trio brought good vibes and shared the love on our ambassador shoot day. Not only are Nat, Helen, and Shannon gorgeous on the outside, but they radiate positivity, love, and kindness from within. Spend just a moment in their presence and leave feeling full of confidence and self-love. 

We can't wait for you to see more of these Curvy Swimwear Ambassadors. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Natalie, Helen, and Shannon. 

8 women pose together at the end of the pool. They are all wearing different styles of navy and white polka dot swimsuits

We can't wait for you to meet all of our Curvy Confidence Club Ambassadors for 2024


Natalie is a cool breeze on a hot day. Her relaxed aura makes it feel like you’ve known her forever. She is the devoted mum of 3 daughters, and you just know she makes everything better with a hug…or a glass of bubbles. While only new to the Gold Coast, Natalie’s effortless beauty and love for life make her the quintessential beach babe.  

Despite facing challenges such as severe arthritis and recent double knee replacement surgery, Nat's unbroken spirit remains resilient. Finding solace and strength in her daily beach walks, rocking her Curvy Swimwear one pieces, she exemplifies body acceptance as the key to happiness. Nat has learned to love her body just the way it is, and inspired by Curvy Swimwear's inclusivity, she eagerly joins the community as an Ambassador. 

We love Natalie’s definition of Curvy Confidence:

“Being yourself. Walking daily in only my cossie along Gold Coast beaches with not a care in the world. I walk daily in my swimwear along the beach and feel totally happy with my scars from knee replacements too. No one is perfect and that’s ok.”

Nat's journey towards self-love comes with valuable advice for women: steer clear of changing room mirrors and celebrate your body as a whole. With a background in the fashion business, Nat brings her passion for fashion and styling to the forefront, infusing her interest into her role as a Curvy Confidence Club Ambassador.   


Woman with blonde hair stands in the pool wearing a strapless blue swimsuit

Woman with blonde hair poses by the pool in a strapless blue one piece swimsuit

Natalie is the quintessential beach babe in her favourite bandeau one piece swimsuit


Please allow us to introduce, Helen, and welcome her to the Curvy Confidence Club. At 57, she defies stereotypes, proving that age is merely a number. Helen, a retired mortgage broker with a passport full of adventures, embraces life wholeheartedly. Married and a grandmother of five, her love for travel is fueled by a genuine passion for connecting with new people. 

What truly sets Helen apart is her unwavering commitment to savouring every moment. For her, life is about the journey, not just the destination - a philosophy reflected in every step, every laugh, and every adventure adorned with her signature Akubra hat. We are blessed to welcome Helen as a cherished member of our Curvy Swimwear family., inspiring us all to appreciate the beauty of life, one smile at a time. 


Woman with long brown hair poses by the pool wearing a black and floral ruffle swimsuit

Look for active swimwear with underwire or shelf bra support

Helen, a true warrior queen, shares a story of resilience and gratitude, navigating life with lipoedema. Living in the present, she embraces the goodness that comes her way, surrounded by a deeply devoted family who provide unwavering love and support. Helen radiates positivity and joy, her infectious good vibes leaving a lasting impact. 

In showcasing her vulnerability and courage, Helen exemplifies the essence of taking risks and reaping the rewards. Stepping out of her comfort zone to become a Curvy Confidence ambassador, Helen has left her mark on us and we are eternally grateful for her generosity and positive energy. 

Woman with long brown hair reclines on a white sun lounge wearing a black and floral one piece swimsuit

Gorgeous Helen stepped out of her comfort zone in style to become one of our ambassadors 


Meet Shannon, the epitome of Curvy Confidence and resilience. For her, the Curvy Confidence Club goes beyond mere body acceptance; it involves cherishing the strength and resilience within, inspiring others to do the same. As a proud advocate for positive body image an mental health, Shannon's journey has been marked by challenges, yet she emerges stronger than ever. 

Having battled her own mental health issues, Shannon now embraces her unique journey, becoming a beacon of hope and support for those facing similar struggles. In her role as a Curvy Swimwear ambassador, Shannon considers it an honour to represent women encountering similar challenges, firmly believing in the transformative power of community. She encourages those not feeling themselves to speak up and lean on their support systems. 

“I am known for being confident as a shorter, curvy gal who isn't afraid to get out there and flaunt what I've got. I often participate in runways as the "plus size" model wearing lingerie or loungewear. I am also a fierce advocate for self-love, not just physically but also mentally. We have been gifted life and at times, it gets hard, but if we stand together and form a community, we can change the world!”

With the unwavering support of her family, Shannon is on a mission to spread positivity and empower others to embrace self-love just as they are. Her advice to her younger self reflects the wisdom gained from her journey: "You are loved, worthy, and stronger than you know." Shannon's resilience and determination make her a source of inspiration for all. 


Woman with long red hair wears aqua blue one piece swimsuit

Woman with long red hair wears aqua blue swimsuit

Shannon, our real life mermaid, showing us how to rock that Curvy Confidence 


Have you met our other ambassadors? Be sure to read all about Tegan, Pamela, and Monalisa.

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