How to Choose Your Perfect Swimsuit Size

How do you know your swimsuit size?

Shopping for swimwear can be stressful for many women. While it seems daunting to buy online, it can be just as difficult and disheartening trying on swimmers in a store. Here at Curvy Swimwear we are making online swimwear shopping easy and enjoyable with a huge range, inclusive sizing, and thoughtful designs that cater for all shapes and sizes.

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “How do I know my size?”. While this may be simple for many, its’s not always so straightforward. Sizing can vary wildly between brands leaving consumers questioning what’s right for them, particularly when it comes to purchasing online.

Finding the perfect fit for your unique shape and size can be a matter of trial and error. Many consumers stay loyal to a brand that they know will fit them perfectly, which is great, but how do we get to this point?

Let us take you through the steps to find the perfect swimsuit style and size for you.

4 women wear different styles of black swimwear - bikini, strapless one piece, underwire one piece, and long sleeve one piece

Take the time to find your perfect swimsuit style and size from our fabulous range of swimwear

Know Your Shape

While body shapes are as varied as fingerprints, there are some general guidelines that help when deciding which clothing and swimwear styles will work best for you.

While you might not fit perfectly into one of the 5 major body types, you can pick and choose recommendations for showing off your favourite bits and hiding the parts you’re not so keen on.

Follow our body shape guide to find out which swimsuit styles will work best for you.

3 women wear different styles of swimwear for their different body shapes

Consider your body shape and what you want to show off when choosing your new swim style

Find Your Style

Once you’ve determined your body shape, the assets you want to show off, and the bits you’d prefer to hide, you can narrow down your favourite styles.

Choose whether you would prefer a bikini, tankini, one piece, or a swim dress. For example, if you have a different size up top compared to your bottom half, separates are going to the best option for you.

Body length also plays a part in the styles that will suit you. If you are tall or have a longer torso, there are many swimsuits that will work for you and some that won’t.

While we believe everyone should wear whatever they like, sometimes a style just won’t fit the way you’d hope, so following style guides can save a lot of time and effort.

woman with long red hair wears long sleeve Leopard print long sleeve one piece swimsuit. Woman with long brown hair wears black underwire bikini set

There is a swimsuit to suit every shape and size

Pick Your Size

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Once you’ve established the style you like, it’s time to choose your size.

Swimwear is made from stretch fabric and follows many of the same design rules as lingerie. With this in mind, we recommend following your bra and underwear sizing to determine your swimsuit size. We do not use measurements on our site as we have found this to be inaccurate when choosing sizing in swimwear. You will achieve a better fit by following your underwear sizing.

Our swimsuits are cut to fit a variety of bust sizes with a DD/E cup as our default fitting. Underwire styles will fit a specific cup size while shelf bra swimsuits offer a multifit option. Knowing your bra fitting will make it easier to choose the perfect swimsuit size for fit, comfort, and support.

Fitting your lower half is equally as important. Leg openings will sit differently on different shapes and sizes; you don’t want the elastic to fit too tight or gape around the leg. If your top and bottom sizing is different, consider a two piece for the perfect fit.

For example, if you wear a 16E bra and a 16 pant, you will be a 16 in swimwear and you can confidently choose a one piece or any other style in that size. However, if you wear a 16E bra but wear a 20 pant, a one piece is not ideal while a tankini in size 16 and a pant in size 20 will give you a much better fit.

3 women wear different swimsuit styles - black underwire bikini top and pant, leopard print zip front sleeveless one piece swimsuit, black and white underwire tankini top and pants

Finding your swimsuit size is easy with our helpful tips and guidelines

Details to look for when choosing the perfect swimsuit fit 

Curvy Swimwear offers swimsuits with specific details to help you customise your perfect fit. These helpful extras will make your sizing decision much easier.

Adjustable straps

Adjustable straps feature on almost all our swimsuits. These will let you adjust your level of support and the length of your swimsuit. If you are short in the body, tighten them up; if your torso is longer, let them out to give you a better vertical fit.

Removeable straps

Removeable straps feature on our strapless styles where you can take them off completely. Other styles may allow you to cross the straps over at the back, offering more bust support, security in your swimsuit, and a shorter length if necessary.

Removeable bust padding

Removeable bust padding is included in many of our styles to customise your cup fitting. Smaller busts might like to keep them in for added fullness, while larger busts might want to make more space in the cup by taking them out.


Ties feature in some of our styles for both adjustment and a cute, feminine look. Shoulder ties help to customise your bust support and length. Side ties on bikini bottoms allow you to adjust your fit across the hips.

Wrap Styles

Wrap crop tops and one pieces are fabulous for adjusting your size under the bust and around the waist. If you are bigger or smaller in these areas, consider a wrap style to achieve the perfect fit.

Varied Leg Lines

There are many things to consider when fitting your lower half. You need to take into account your bottom, hip, and leg diameter. Some swimsuits will gape around a slimmer leg or dig into a larger one. If you struggle to fit a regular cut swimsuit, consider either a high cut for curvier bodies or a boyleg or longer style if you struggle with gaping.

Product Notes

When shopping on Curvy Swimwear, take time to check if your chosen style has any product notes. These might include sizing suggestions or fabric specifications. These helpful tips will ensure you are choosing the right style and size for you.

3 women with different body shapes and sizes wear the same style of black one piece swimsuit

The right swimsuit style and size will give you the confidence to step out in style this summer

For more fit and size advice, read our blog on the best swimsuits for wide hips and thighs.

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