10 Best Swimsuit Tips for Wide Hips and Big Thighs

Got curvy hips and thighs? Lucky you. Whether you like to show off your booty or hide your hips, we have all the tips you need to find the best swimsuit style for you. 

We know that swimwear is not a one style fits all, so we've come up with multiple solutions for your specific needs. Our top 10 best swimwear tips for wide hips and big thighs will give you the confidence to find a swimsuit to perfectly suit you.


1. High Cut

The best way to lengthen your legs and make the most of your curvy hips and thighs is to show them off! A high cut pant elongates the legs by showing more skin. Where you cut off your leg is how long they appear, so if you show more, your legs look even longer.

A high cut pant shows a little more of your booty. A cheekier cut pant presents you bottom in a flattering and fashionable way. Don’t be afraid to show a little more skin to feel good about your booty.

2. Tie Side and Adjustable

Tie side pants are ideal for those of us with wider hips. Rather than going up a size and risking a pant that sits too high or too loose, a tie side allows you to adjust the sizing across the hips without altering the fit through the body. 

Woman posing showing off her back wearing high cut high waisted leopard print bikini pants, Woman smiling wearing retro floral pastel bikini top and tie side pants

Showing more of your gorgeous curves with high cut and tie side pants.


3. Balance Top and Bottom

If you are rocking a gorgeous pear shape and want to balance your top and bottom half, look for swimsuits that attracted attention to the top half of your body. Frills, sleeves, sleeveless or off the shoulder styles are all fabulous for widening the shoulders and adding volume to the bust to balance out wider hips and thighs.

If you are going skimpy on the bottom, do the same on top. If you are covering up with a full pant, choose a crop top or sleeved style for the top. This will create a feeling of balance and symmetry for your top and bottom half.

4. Show Off Shoulders

Balance a curvier bottom half by showing more skin up top. Off the shoulder, strapless, and halter styles show off the shoulders drawing attention to the top half and widening the shoulders. Double the effect by choosing a swimsuit with ruffles on top.

5. Plunging Neckline

Avert eyes away from your hips and thighs and plant them firmly on a sexy plunging neckline. A lace up one piece with a low neckline is a fabulous style for drawing attention away from areas you feel self-conscious about and show off your favourite bits.  

6. Distracting Details

Ruffles, frills, zips, sleeves, optical illusions, and more, will distract the eye and also help you balance your proportions. You can also use swimsuit details to accentuate the hips and booty if you want to show off your curves. Ruching draws attention the lower half and lower cut pants accentuate your gorgeous hips and curves.

woman wears off the shoulder frill bikini, woman wears white lace up plunging neckline one piece swimsuit, woman wears pink floral one piece swimsuit with frill sleeves

Off the shoulder styles, plunging necklines, frills and zips are great to balance your proportions.


7. Cover Ups

If you don’t feel confident about showing off your curvy hips and thighs, simply cover them up. A sarong is a beautiful way to cover up when you’re out of the water. You can wear them a variety of ways to suit your style and your needs.

A mesh wrap skirt can get wet if you want to stay covered while wading in the water, or you can go for a swim skirt.

8. Swim Dress

Swim dresses are another great swimsuit style if you want to cover up. A swim dress skims over the lower body completely covering the hips, bottom, and upper thighs. Choose from a variety of styles from underwire, chlorine resistant or strapless swim dresses.

9. Swim Skirt

A swim skirt is a fun and functional way to cover up while still looking feminine and stylish. Made from the same fabric as your swimwear, simply throw it on over a one piece or bikini for a seamless swimsuit that looks unique and flattering. 

10. Try a New Pant Style

Experiment with different pant styles to find the one that makes you feel the best. You might find a cheeky cut works wonders for your confidence, or a ¾ length pant helps you feel ready to take on the world. We are all unique, so finding what works for our individual tastes and needs is essential.

Woman wears wrap skirt with leopard bikini, woman wears navy and white dots swim dress, woman wears black bikini top with black skater skirt

Cover ups, swim dresses and swim skirts are stylish and feminine ways to cover up.

If you want a different perspective on how to dress your body, read our blog on whether fashion needs to be flattering.  

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