5 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Swimwear for Large Busts

One of our most frequent requests here at Curvy Swimwear is for large bust swimwear. Searching for stylish, supportive, and comfortable swimwear to fit bigger cup sizes can be a challenge. We offer an extensive selection of beautiful swimwear for big busts to fit and support your cup size. Knowing how to shop for the right swimsuit is essential.

Choosing Swimwear for Large Busts

Here, we address 5 common mistakes to avoid when shopping for swimwear for large busts. We hope this helps you find your next favourite swimsuit.



When choosing your swimwear size, we suggest following your bra and underwear sizing. Swimwear is designed in a similar way to lingerie and uses stretch fabric that hugs the body. Using static measurements or following your dress size are not as accurate for finding your best swimsuit size.

If you have a large bust, make sure you are shopping by your cup size. You can filter your size and cup fitting to narrow down the choices that will work best for you. Double check the description for to see if the style you’ve chosen fits your bust size.


Woman with dark brown hair wears navy and white polkadot frill strapless bikini top and high waisted pants. Woman with long brown hair wears leopard print underwire bikini top and high waisted pants

Underwire styles are available in specific cup sizes to fit you perfectly


When you have a large bust you know there are things to look out for when buying clothes. This is particularly important with swimwear, underwear, and activewear. These items need to be supportive and fit your fuller bust properly. Fortunately, supportive swimwear for big busts is available.

When it comes to supportive swimwear, try to avoid thin straps, plunging necklines and swimsuits without support. Instead, choose swimsuits with thicker straps, underwire, or built in bras for added support. It is possible to find cute swimwear that fits and supports your fuller bust with comfort and style.


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Woman with long brown hair wears black scoop neck underwire one piece. Woman with long brown hair wears black underwire bikini top and high waisted pants.

Underwire and structured styles are ideal for supporting large bust sizes


Try not to get stuck on the one swimsuit style when shopping for large bust swimwear. There are so many options available in full cup swimwear. Experimenting with different options will help you find a style that works best for you.

You’ll be surprised how many options you actually have, especially when shopping online at Curvy Swimwear. Our styles are designed to fit and support your curves, including big busts. Our generous returns policy and excellent customer service help you find the perfect swimsuit for your shape and size. Shopping for swimwear for large busts has never been easier.


Woman with long brown hair wears black V neck underwire swimsuit with white trim. Woman with short platinum blonde hair wears leopard print strapless one piece swimsuit.

You'll be surprised how many different styles you can wear, including strapless


While it can be fun to shop cheap and cheerful, it’s best to invest in quality fabric and construction. Especially when it comes to finding well fitting and supportive swimwear. Ensure you buy swimwear that is lined and made from quality fabric to suit your needs.

If you are swimming in chlorinated pools or heated spas, be sure to invest in chlorine resistant swimwear. The 100% polyester pool proof fabric has less stretch than regular swim fabric, offering extra support for larger busts. Textured fabric, like the Acapulco collection, is also a firmer fitting option for supporting your fuller bust.

Woman with long brown hair wears navy and white dots crop wrap top and high waisted pants. Woman with long brown hair wears navy and white dots panelled swim dress.

Choose good quality fabric to ensure your swimsuit holds its shape and helps support your bust


When you have a larger bust, the tendency is to cover up. Many women want to hide their large bust away under a t-shirt or rash vest. While your skin might not be on show, you’re really not concealing your bust, but highlighting the size.

Choosing a swimsuit that has a V neckline will minimise the size of the bust. If you prefer to keep your bust covered, why not try a ruffled swimsuit instead of covering up with a shirt. Our best selling 3 tier or off the shoulder styles are a stylish and flattering way to cover your bust. They are chic and feminine, without too much fuss.


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Woman with long brown hair wears leopard print crop wrap top with cap sleeves. Woman with long red hair wears black V neck crossover one piece swimsuit

A V-neckline is fabulous for a larger bust as it minimises the size. A V-neck also shows off the shape in a flattering way


Once you get your swimsuit be sure to adjust it properly to fit and support you.

Scoop bust into the cups

Ensure your breasts are in the swimsuit correctly. Bend over slightly and gently scoop your bust either into the underwire cups or the shelf bra. The underwire should be large enough to accommodate your breasts, but not cut into your under arms. The shelf bra should sit just under the bust to support you effectively and comfortably.

Adjust the straps

Adjusting the straps is an important part of the fit process. Just like with your bra, the straps help you achieve your desired level of support. Straps will help you lift your breasts into a comfortable and natural looking position.

With these tips, we hope you are better equipped to find your next favourite swimsuit. You deserve a swimsuit that will look and feel fantastic with exceptional bust support. If you are still finding online swimwear shopping a challenge, contact us via our online chat. Feel free to ask any questions about style, size, and fit. 

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