Styling Curvy Review of Curvy by Capriosca Swimwear

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Review of Curvy by Capriosca Swimwear by Styling Curvy.

It's daunting facing up to our bodies and perceived imperfections but when you're armed with a few swimwear guidelines I promise it will be easier. I've bought swimwear when I've been thin and extra curvy, it really doesn't matter what our size we all have areas of our body that we would rather not expose to the world. Today we are spoiled for choice but there's swimwear and then there's quality swimwear...enter 'Curvy Swimwear'.  

I own several pieces and every time I wear them I 'feel' amazing...not just ok, but fierce and fashionable and confident. With that in mind what should you be looking for when purchasing swimwear online? When purchasing swimwear online always check the size guide tab and know your measurements. Don't be afraid to send the team at Curvy Swimwear an email if you have any specific enquiries, and always use the zoom to really check out the swimsuit for features. Always check and understand the returns policy too. Features should offer benefits, to me it's those little extras that are going to flatter and fix, like power mesh to pull in your tum or draping to camouflage problem areas. Features like these are going to help you forget about your worries and hit the beach or pool with confidence. A high leg line will make your legs look longer but a mid rise will flatter every time. A retro skirt gives confidence if you are worried about cellulite or just like a little more modesty and they are pretty cute and playful.

Does the thought of buying swimwear make you break out into a cold sweat?...and what about buying swimwear online, would you ever?


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Swimwear is an investment piece and if you get a swimsuit with all the features and benefits it will work hard for you for a long time. In my experience if I buy a cheap pair chances are it will be saggy and loose in all the wrong places half way through my summer. Uhuh, we've all been there!

I look for adjustable straps which are essential if you are taller to prevent camel toe, adjustable straps also give you extra control over where your breasts sit. Speaking of breasts there's lots out there to enhance or minimise, like underwire, a shelf bra and wider straps, removable straps, and a crossover is a girls best friend. I love the subtle extras like gold hardware on the straps of my Curvy Swimwear and removable straps...nice, perfect for creating a different look or banishing tan lines! Don't be afraid of pattern or colour either, sure a black cozzie is always going to be chic but hitting the beach is about fun and frivolity so step out of your comfort zone and try colour and print. I'm a total convert and adore colour and print not only for the fun factor but it can camouflage my lumps n bumps and colour enhances my tan and win! Don't get me started on the metallic cozzie from Curvy Swimwear, it's all kinds of awesome with its subtle shimmer and is even prettier when wet. Don't forget the co ordinating visors, genius!

 Once you have your new cozzie treat it with a little TLC rinsing after use in cool water, lay it flat in the shade to dry and don't wring or stretch it or leave it wrapped in a wet towel for days. A little care goes a long way. There you have it, get the cozzie with the features that are going to benefit you and you will look and feel fabulous, and's a swimsuit so have fun!

Til next time, Jen x

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Jenni is a lifestyle and style blogger for Styling Curvy and is a Brand Ambassador for Capriosca Swimwear. She works with many labels to offer honest reviews about their products and services.

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  • Heather hargreaves

    Wow ordered a cossie yesterday afternoon, arrived at my address in nsw this morning.
    I tried it on it was perfect, great quality! Ordered another 2 today.
    Thank you so much! Amazing service!

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