Shelly Horton

We love working with amazing personalities and women from all over the globe. Over the years, we have completely fallen in love with the amazing Shelly Horton. Not only is she completely stunning but she graces Australian television each day as she presents upcoming and current events.

Shelly is well known for a variety of special and fun things that she brings to the table. Not only is she a social media guru but she's also known for her ShellShocked Media,  journalism, being a bubbly TV Presenter, an MC, a Media Trainer and an agent! Having spent her life on television her personality is vibrant and she is full of beauty. We love working with individuals who are driven, confident and proud to be in their own skin! We are excited every time we see Shelly rocking our Curvy Swimwear as she vacays or travels.

Shelly has worked with us several times and is not only beautiful on the inside but on the outside as well. She surprises us regularly with how she promotes and rocks our swimwear range. Without knowing, she will pop it up on the television for everyone to see and give us a great review. Not only is she a genuine brand ambassador but she is a genuine person who is confident and truthful about those brands that are she stands by and promotes.

Make sure that you check out her Instagram @shellyhorton1where she shares all about her life and what she gets up to. Most importantly you get to see that stunning Shelly Horton smile! Check out her Instagram where she talks all about the best swimwear to wear this summer!

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