Hip Dips - Are They A Thing?

Hip dips or violin hips - no matter what you wish to call them are the latest body part Instagram and the rest of the internet is obsessing over. We’re here to break down the stigma associated with hip dips and give you some tips to make you love your hip dips the way you should. 

What are Hip Dips?

Hip dips are the naturally occurring inward curves between your hips and thighs, where your hip bone meets the femur. Whether or not you have hip dips is completely dependant on your body, the shape of your hips and where fat naturally stores itself.

Despite what the fitness gurus tell you, there is no way to completely remove hip dips, instead only ways to minimise their appearance. 

black bikini hip dips

What Should I Do If I Have Hip Dips?

This raises a very important point about loving your body- obsessing over particular body parts will lead to a negative body image, instead, it is important to focus on body positivity and ways in which to love yourself. 

Though the popular media is forcing curvaceous hourglass bodies to be the latest beauty standard, many celebrities also have hip dips - like Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Rebel Wilson, Ashley Graham, Lizzo and our very own Australian body-positive queen Amy Sheppard.

This lineup should only enforce that no matter size or shape everyone can have hip dips, and this is nothing to be insecure about.

How Do I Get Rid Of Them? 

A common misconception is that hip dips occur because of how healthy you are, though this is not the case.

Hip dips occur because of the shape of your bones, something that is unique to you and can not be changed. Though their prominence can be affected by the amount of body fat you have - we recommend a few lower body exercises like squats and lunges to target these areas.

Hip dips, in particular, can become more obvious in tight clothes and swimwear as the fabric is designed to cling to your body rather than distract.

Here are a few great options for swimwear to flatter your hip dips in all their glory.

corsica one piece swimwear

What Should I Wear If I Have Hip Dips? 

Tie Side Swim Pants

This classic style is great for those with hip dips, the stylish tie sides allow you to choose how you wear the bottoms on your hips, to accentuate your curves. The ties also do a fantastic job at disguising or camouflaging your hip dips, as the ribbon covers your sides.

Swim Dress

The swim dress style is great for hiding hip dips, the longer skirt covers your bottom and hips for a more modest look. We have a wide range of swim dress options ranging in size, shape and colour, so you can find something right for you.

High Waisted Bottoms

It’s true- high waisted bottoms look great on everyone! This high rise style with a full coverage bottom and low leg are great for those with hip dips, not only does this style flatter your belly but it also rounds your hips, so any dips are disguised.

Retro Style One Pieces

We love these retro-style one-pieces for all body types, the extra skirting around the hips and waist make for a flattering silhouette and are great for disguising any unwanted lumps and bumps.

Take a note out of Marilyn Munroe’s book in these one-pieces and rock them with confidence and a smile.

Literally Any Swimsuit 

Seriously- there is nothing you can’t wear with a bit of confidence. Hip dips along with all other ‘flaws’ like cellulite are naturally occurring and there is little we can do to change it. Instead, we can learn to embrace these and love them like we love the rest of our body- after all, it is the only body you will get.

The best way to look good in a swimsuit is to pick one and wear it out, it’s as simple as that.

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