The Curvy Swimwear In and Out List for 2023

In lieu of new years resolutions, we are jumping on board the latest trend and compiling an In and Out list for 2023.

Out with the old, in with the new. We are seeing the new year as an opportunity to ditch outdated or downright bad habits and embrace new and improved ones that serve us better and enrich our lives.

No, we’re not talking about “out with carbs” and “in with celery”, that’s boring and sparks zero joy. Our in and out list is more like “out with negative self-talk” and “in with self-care”. It’s less “new year, new me”, and more “new year, new appreciation of me”.

Woman with short brown hair lounges on the beach wearing Bora Bora white and floral strapless twist front bandeau one piece swimsuit

Embrace 2023 with a bold new attitude and unshakeable confidence.


Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine dressing has been trending for a while and it is typically all about bright colours and print clashing. Vibrant tones and fun patterns and shapes are said to release the happy hormone, dopamine, to lift our spirits and put a smile on our dial.

I put it to you, that dopamine dressing can be anything that makes us individually happy. If you love black and wearing it makes you giddy with joy, then that is dopamine dressing. Wearing what we love, that makes us feel confident and happy should be a priority in 2023.

Try a Rainbow Bikini Set or Classic Black Swim Separates

Woman with long curly blonde hair wears rainbow coloured frill bikini. Woman with long dark brown hair wears black triangle bikini top and high waisted pant

While traditionally dopamine dressing means bright colours, for some black can have the same joyful effect.

Not Giving AF

If you’ve been trapped under the weight of the opinions of others, it’s time to learn the subtle art of not giving AF. Letting go of the expectations of society and others needs to stop. Keeping other people out of your business is a great way to remove stress and pressure from your life.

“What other people think of me is none of my business” is our new motto for 2023.

Giving AF

Be selective about where you place your cares. If you have the capacity to take it on, investing your time and energy into a cause or learning about a community in need can take you out of your own head. Take your time with it. You’ll be surprised how much you learn by sitting back and listening to people who have a different life experience to you. Closing you mouth, opening your ears, and learning without judgement is important for us all.

Staying in Because Your Home is a Sanctuary

With the cost of living going up, spending time at home is becoming a necessity for many. Whether for financial reasons or not, choosing to spend time at home can be nurturing and restorative. It can also encourage gratitude and appreciation for the important things in your life.

Create a space that you enjoy coming home to and spending time in. Add little touches that spark joy or encourage creativity or relaxation. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Even a good clean and tidy can make your home a more enticing place to be. 

Try Comfy Cotton Loungewear

Woman with long hair sits on the bed with her friend; they both wear blush pink cotton loungewear. Woman with slicked back brown hair wears Lilac Florence swimsuit in the pool

Your home can be a cozy sanctuary or a relaxing resort with a few tweaks and a new mindset

Trying a Sustainable New Hobby

We all fall into the trap of consuming too much. Often we can’t resist a bargain and buy things just because they are on sale, leaving our wardrobes and homes bursting with pieces we just don’t use or wear. Upcycling existing items can be a fabulous way to spend your free time, creating new and interesting uses for things you already own.

Always buying new adds to landfill down the track, so taking up a healthy thrifting habit is not only good for your wallet, but also for the planet. There are many inspirational upcyclers online who can show you new and unique ways of transforming preloved wares. You'll feel immense pride when you've completed your first project. 



Dressing for Approval

Fashion can be frivolous, but it is also an integral part of our personal identity. Your wardrobe might say “I don’t care about fashion”, but ironically it is using fashion to do so. Your wardrobe might also say “I’m high maintenance”, but in the words of Kath Day-Knight, “I think you’ve gotta be”.

Fashion can be used to communicate without words. It can be a signal to others to engage or stay away. It can also be a way to start a conversation. Dressing for the approval of others can get in the way of showing your authentic self and that’s just no way to live. Dress for you, always.

Try a New Print or Cheeky Bikini 

Woman with blonde hair wears Whitehaven blue patchwork one piece with teal sarong. Woman with blonde hair poses in the pool wearing Amalfi Pink square neck bikini top and frill pant

Dress to express your authentic self, even with your swimwear.

Judging Yourself or Others

When our confidence is low, we can get caught up in judging ourselves and others. Identifying this habit and stopping it in its tracks can fast track positive self esteem and confidence. This switch is almost like magic for living a happier and joyful life.

Start to notice when you are making negative comments about strangers, celebrities, or even your loved ones. Stop yourself mid judge, and try to switch the narrative. Ask yourself why you are making these judgements and try instead to see a positive. This goes with negative self-talk and judgement too. You will start to see an improvement in how you move through life, seeing the good in others and yourself.

Not Getting in the Water

It’s summer in Australia and it is hot. We are absolutely blessed with beautiful beaches and most of us either have a backyard pool or our friends certainly do. The feeling of submerging our sweaty bodies in a body of cool water is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Not taking the opportunity to do so because of how we feel in a swimsuit is a travesty.

Here at Curvy Swimwear it is our goal to have every woman feeling great in a swimsuit that fits them well and gives them confidence. We receive an abundance of feedback from customers who are only now feeling good in a swimsuit after years of staying dry and not enjoying the water. Finding a swimsuit that gives you the confidence to embrace life’s simple pleasures is an absolute game changer. Make this your year of taking the plunge and enjoying the water again.

Try a Long Sleeve One Piece or Strapless Swimsuit

Woman with short blonde hair wades in the water wearing Frenchy Black floral long sleeve one piece. Woman with brown hair wades in the water wearing black strapless twist front bandeau one piece.

Find a swimsuit that works for you and take the plunge into the water this summer.

Staying in Because You have Nothing to Wear

Boring! But also, we’ve all been there. What a waste. This year we are making sure we have at least one go-to outfit that we can throw on, no matter how we are feeling. Missing out on good times with your friends and family because you feel terrible in all your clothes is a waste of a life.

A loose fitting dress that can be dressed up or down is going to save your social life this year. Go for a simple cocoon shape in classic black or navy that can be worn to the beach or out for a special dinner. Adding heels and a bright lipstick to a simple outfit will have you heading out the door with confidence, ready to make new memories with those you love spending time with. Get this outfit sorted before you need it, and you’ll never miss out on the fun.

Try a PQ Collections Miracle Dress

Woman with curly brown hair wears striped cocoon dress. Woman with blonde curly hair wears black cocoon dress

Be prepared with a go-to outfit for last minute plans and spontaneous fun with friends.

Instant Gratification

Our modern world is set up to satisfy our every need, now. Our expectations are becoming unrealistic because we are used to getting what we want, exactly when we want it. But this is not sustainable, and it creates ingratitude and impatience. We have lost the art of waiting and replaced it with an insatiable need for instant gratification.

Learning to wait for the things we want and being appreciative when we get them, is far more satisfying long term. This can be applied to shopping, experiences, travel, and wellness. Just about anything we do and consume in our lives is enhanced when we have to wait that little bit longer for it.



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