Plus Size Kaftans

When summer time comes around we need all of the essentials. These essentials being, swimwear, hats, sunnies and the perfect throw over. We sell the best plus size kaftans that are perfect for summer. They are made for you to enjoy summer to the max. So, if you happen to be searching for the very best summer kaftans, dresses, tunics and more, luckily for you Curvy Swimwear has the lot.

White Cotton Kaftan



Our kaftans and dresses are looser fitting making them a great choice day through tonight and as a beach cover up. If you are going to the beach for the day, wear this kaftan as your cover up to protect you from the sun or wear it to keep you warm after swimming.

When the summer takes over there is nothing better than a loose fitting kaftan. These kaftans are a great length so they cover you perfectly. They are lightweight and perfect for relaxing in. Whether you are at home, going to the beach, sitting by the pool or going on holiday, these kaftans are perfect for you.

Full Moon Kaftan

Styling your Kaftans

What’s better, you can wear a pair of wedges with these kaftans and wear them to a beach dinner or BBQ. They come in both black and white so you can wear the two over summer making the most lightweight and easy clothing.

Nothing is better than relaxing over summer, so make sure that you check out our kaftans today and enjoy. As they are perfect for every occasion, you will find yourself comfortable, cool and happy as you rock these kaftans during summer. If you are heading off on a holiday you can always roll these up into your suitcase or backpack for the perfect easy outfit.  Check out the plus size kaftan range today!

Black Cotton Kaftan

Beach Cover-ups

While kaftans are a great option for the beach and summer dressing, some women prefer a more tailored look. Our overshirts in lightweight cotton are a sleek alternative to the voluminous shape of a kaftan. With adjustable length sleeves and functioning front pockets, these overshirts are a sophisticated beach cover up that you'll love wearing for sun protection and modesty. 


With so many ways to wear them, a sarong is a summer time essential. Wrap them around your body to create a cute beach dress, drape them around your waist for a long skirt or simply use them to sit on at the park or the beach. With a wide variety of colours available, sarongs are an inexpensive but essential addition to your beach bag this summer. 

Turquoise Sarong


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