NZ Plus Size Blogger Meagan Kerr

We love watching what influencers are doing, who they are reaching and engaging with. We love the curvy community as they are constantly throwing love and support at each other one each individual endeavor. For this reason, we want to share some of our favourite NZ plus size bloggers. New Zealand has a lot of women who are supportive and empowering other women. We want you to know all about them as we regard these curvy women in high regards.

This is our favourite plus size NZ blogger... Meagan Kerr - She is a stunning red haired plus size fashion blogger from New Zealand. She is open and talks about confronting issues such as anxiety. Meagan does lots of clothing hauls and talks about all there is to know about fashion and styling. Not only this but she talks about beauty, body image, fitness, travel, health and so much more.

What we love the most about this amazing NZ blogger is how real she is. It is hard to find women willing to be as raw and real and she is. Setting the standard for other bloggers, Meagan teaches us a lot about how you love ourselves but also how to embrace our individuality. She talks about all things relevant as well as the side of life we don't want to talk about. Anxiety to workouts, she talks about it all. No wonder she is one of our favourite NZ bloggers.

With currently 27k on Instagram, her followers are growing and is definitely a NZ blogger to look out for. We love Meagan for showing her raw personality and showing us that loving yourself is the start to a confident and happy life. Go follow her today!

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