Swim With Confidence: Modest Swimwear for Women

Our goal here at Curvy Swimwear, is to help you find the perfect swimsuit. Every woman has a different list of must haves when it comes to finding a swimsuit that looks and feels exactly how they want. Latest trends will have you thinking that swimwear is shrinking and showing more skin is the way to go. 

While we love that many women are feeling comfortable in their skin and daring to bare more, we also respect that covering up is important to a large number of our customers. In fact, we are being asked for modest swimwear more often. Whether for sun protection, warmth, or modesty, full coverage swimwear is definitely trending at Curvy Swimwear. 

Our selection of modest bathers includes plus size modest swimwear, with stylish one piece swimsuits and practical swim separates to satisfy your needs. Covering up never looked so good with a modest swimsuit from Curvy Swimwear.  

Discover more about modest swimwear and find which styles are right for you. 

Modest Swimsuit Styles

Whether you're just after a little more sun protection for your shoulders, or you need full body coverage, we have modest swimwear separates to suit your needs. Click below to jump straight to the style that interests you, or browse through the blog to learn more about our modest swimwear offering. 

Woman with long red hair wears black and leopard print long sleeve one piece swimsuit

Long sleeve swimwear offers sun protection, modesty, and warmth. 

What is Modest Swimwear?

So, what is considered modest swimwear? Modest swimwear is designed to minimise how much skin or bust is shown. Rather than a swimsuit with a V neckline, a modest swimsuit will have a high neck or at least a straight neckline that reduces that amount of cleavage on show. 

The back of the swimsuit usually provides full coverage offering modesty as well as sun protection. Sleeves provide even more coverage with either flutter sleeves or full length considered modest. Leg lines are lower cut with modest swim pants offering a variety of lengths for coverage. 

Essentially, swimwear that shows the least skin can be considered modest swimwear. It is still possible to look and feel fantastic as you enjoy the beach or pool, while staying covered up. 

Woman with long blonde hair wears black and blue floral swim dress at the pool

Swim dresses are a great choice for covering the hips and bottom.

Long Sleeve Swimwear

We have a lot of swimsuit styles that are more modest than others. Our long sleeve one piece swimsuits are a perfect option for women wanting to keep their top half covered and protected from the sun.

These swimsuits are great for spending long days on the beach or swimming laps in your local pool. With an athletic aesthetic, these swimsuits provide coverage while still being easy to move around in.

Features such as panelling, ruching and waistband details make these one piece bathers an excellent tummy control option. Zip them all the way up when you want full coverage or let the zip down if you feel like showing a little skin. 

The leg line in our long sleeve swimsuits is a flattering mid rise. Not too high, not too low, it follows the lines and folds in the body for your most flattering rise to lengthen the leg. For more leg coverage, simply add a swim skirt or board shorts to your long sleeve modest one piece. 


two women wear long sleeve one piece swimsuits by the pool and at the beach

Long sleeve one pieces are modest, practical, and stylish. 

Swim Dresses

We have a fabulous range of swim dresses to suit a variety of needs. A modest swim dress is a fabulous style for ladies who want to cover the hips, thighs and bottom. 

Our wide strap swim dress collection features beautiful, feminine swimsuits for ladies wanting to reduce the amount of cleavage shown. The straight neckline offers flattering and modest coverage with a built-in shelf bra for comfortable bust support. 

The skirt skims over the hips to provide coverage for the bottom and upper thighs. The built in mid-rise pant sits at a comfortable and flattering position on the hips so you feel secure in your swim dress. 

We are frequently adding to our swim dress collection with chlorine resistant options, underwire styles, and feminine ruffled swim dresses. For more modesty, throw on a zip up rash vest to cover the arms, back, and shoulders. 


Two women wear different styles of modest swim dresses at the pool and at the beach

A swim dress is a stylish option for keeping covered at the beach or pool. 

Rash Vests

Another long sleeve option is our collection of rash vests. We have both long and short sleeve styles to suit your needs. Choose from a zip up swim jacket style or a longer length rash vest that you throw on over your head. Add a rashie to any swimsuit style for extra modesty and protection from the sun. They look great, feel fantastic, and offer numerous benefits.

Our rash guard collection includes prints and plains to mix and match with your swimsuit wardrobe. Pool swimmers can also choose a chlorine resistant option which will survive the harsh chemicals in pools and spas. 

Rash vests are becoming more popular each year as women are increasingly concerned with sun protection and modesty. They are easy to keep on hand when required or perfect for completely your swim look. 


Two women wear short and long sleeve zip up rash vests over matching blue printed swimsuits

Rash vests are an excellent addition to any swimsuit for added coverage and modesty. 

Longer Swim Pants and Skirts

If you need coverage for your hips, thighs and legs, take a look at our longer length swim pants. Choose from high waist lower leg swim pants, boy leg shorts, bike pants, 3/4 length pants or full length swim pants. 

Add instant modesty to any swimsuit with a swim skirt. Our skater skirt is easy to slip on when you want to keep your bottom, hips, and upper thighs covered. This cute and feminine style fits over the top of your one piece or can be worn with a bikini or tankini top. 

Board shorts are also a great option for practical and versatile coverage. Choose from classic black or a fun tropical print to wear with your swimsuit. Whether you keep them in your beach bag to add when you need extra coverage, or you make them part of your look, boardies are a great modesty option.


Woman with long hair wears black chlorine resistant tankini top with bike pants and longer length leggings.

Choose your preferred leg coverage with our separate swim pants. 

With so many swimsuits online, it can be hard to find the perfect option for you, but we are here to help. Head online and chat with us today, we will have you in a fabulous new modest swimsuit in no time!

In the meantime, discover more plus size swim separates to see how you can create the perfect swimsuit for you. 

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