Benefits of Underwire Swimwear

There are many benefits to an underwire swimsuit. Whether it is a one piece, a tankini or a bikini set, underwire support is available in all swimwear styles. Curvy Swimwear offers a range of underwire swimwear styles to ensure you have access to the ultimate support for your bust. 

We know our customers and understand there is a need for supportive swimsuits for all bust sizes and shapes. With underwire swimsuits available from a C through to a G cup, our collection is suitable for almost every woman. 

Three women wear different styles of underwire swimwear - bikini, strapless one piece, and tankini top. 

Underwire swimwear is ideal for supporting and lifting all bust sizes

Underwire Swimwear

There is a lot to know about underwire swimwear including alternatives that you may not have considered. Read on to discover what an underwire is, the benefits, and of course all the beautiful underwire swimsuits that are available. You can even learn more about our wire free, shelf bra styles to see if they would be more suited to your needs. 

Brunette woman poses by the pool wearing Amalfi Pink underwire scoop one piece swimsuit

Underwire swimwear offers the ultimate lift and support for your bust

What is an Underwire?

An underwire is essentially the wire that sits under your bust providing you with support and shape. It is a great feature to have on a swimsuit and it is sure to shape you well. It is the only way to get proper bust lift with your swimsuit as it works with adjustable straps to achieve your preferred support and lift.

How Should an Underwire Fit?

An underwire should fit the the width of each breast without digging in or gaping. the wire should sit flat against your body, under the breast. If your swimsuit has a back closure, it should sit straight across your mid back when done up. If it rides up, your back fitting is too big and if it digs in, you need a larger size. 

Adjustable straps will help you achieve lift and support. Adjust them so that your bust sits in the cups without gaping or digging in. Breasts should be cradled by the underwire and fit the cups perfectly.

Woman with long brown hair wears Positano Black floral underwire swim dress at the beach

An underwire swim dress is a stylish option for bust support and modesty

Benefits of Underwire

An underwire is a great support for women with a bigger bust. As an underwire is covered by soft fabric, essentially your bust will fill out the swimsuit rather than trying to fit into it. You can find a lot of comfort and support in an underwire within your swimsuit.

An underwire swimsuit also offers a lot of support in regards to holding your bust up. If you have a bigger bust, having an underwire will perk your bust up and shape you well. It will ensure that your bust has more of a natural shape rather than the shape the moulded cups give you.

Blonde woman poses in the pool wearing Navy and White dots underwire tankini top and pants

Chlorine resistant underwire swimwear is great for swimming and aqua aerobics

Shelf Bra

An alternative to an underwire is a shelf bra. A shelf bra is a supportive elastic strap that sits under the bust. These are great if you are looking for a softer fit and shape. Many women prefer the feel of a wire free swimsuit with a multifit option. If you don't need lift and your bust sits comfortably without underwire support, a shelf bra can give you more options for swimsuit styles. 

 Model with shoulder length blonde hair wears Leopard print strapless bandeau one piece swimsuit

Shelf bra swimsuits can be supportive for all bust sizes

Underwire Swimsuit Styles

Our underwire range includes bikinis, tankinis, one pieces and swim dresses. If you need the support of a built-in underwire, we have something to suit you. Our ruched underwire design is available in both tankini and one piece styles in a full range of sizes up to a G cup. We also offer a V neck style with a wider strap to lift and support your bust. 

Our underwire bikini top is a classic bra style bikini that offers excellent support as it shapes the bust for a flattering cleavage. It is available in plain black and a variety of gorgeous prints. The underwire swim dress is also a beautiful supportive offering for women wanting extra coverage over the hips and bottom. 

If you're looking for a classic one piece or strapless style tankini or one piece, look at our scoop one piece, underwire bandeau one piece, and bandeau tankini tops. You can also opt for our unique swim dress with underwire bra support. 

 Model with brown hair poses in the pool wearing Amalfi Pink boho print underwire bikini top and high rise pant

Underwire bikini tops offer excellent bust support and look fabulous with a high waisted pant

Underwire swimwear is one of our most popular swimsuit styles. When you are looking for swimwear but struggle with a bigger bust, consider our underwire swimwear range. With an abundance of colours and styles, there is something for everyone to love. You can find yourself enjoying any beach or pool day in an underwire swimsuit from Curvy Swimwear. 

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