International Women’s Day 2024 | Invest in Women

How can we make meaningful change every day, not just on March 8?

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress’. This can seem like a major undertaking best left to those with money and power, however, there are ways we can live this every day to make meaningful change for women and the world.

“Investing” is not necessarily financial. Although it certainly helps, change does not always require money being thrown at something. Being a vocal support or getting involved at a grass roots level helps to accelerate progress and bring about meaningful change.

Discover the ways you can invest in women and accelerate progress this International Women's Day and every other day. 

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Celebrating Achievements

Women are currently dominating so many areas of society, winning awards and kicking literal goals. 2023 was the unofficial “Year of the Girl”, with women and girls dominating in sports, entertainment, science, politics, well everything really. We were gifted with Barbie, the soccer world cup, record breaking tours from Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Women have dominated the stage and the podium, winning awards for their talents and achievements.  

This year we are celebrating women like Caitlin Clark, who has just become the all-time leading scorer in men’s and women’s college basketball history. But with all the celebration, comes sexist driven criticism. To combat this, we need to be louder when women and girls at every level of society achieve.

Our lives tend to be lived online, so what better way to create change than while we’re having a scroll.

Don’t be afraid to share your daughter’s achievements (with her consent), repost news articles with women in politics speaking out against injustice and rallying for positive change, and share your own personal wins. Flood your feed with the brilliance of women and girls and defend the sisterhood against misogyny and sexism. It must start with us at the smallest level to build greater momentum and sustainability.



Support Women in Entrepreneurship

Let’s face it, we need stuff, we want to do stuff, and we don’t mind spending a bit of money to make our lives easier/better/happier. In most cases, where our money goes is totally up to us. By choosing female owned businesses and enterprises, we are literally investing in women and accelerating progress. The flow on effect of supporting female entrepreneurs creates positive change for everyone, not just women and girls.

Take a deeper dive into who you choose to support with your hard-earned money. Who ultimately benefits from your financial decisions? Could you support a business or organisation that furthers the progress of equality? Consider each payment, donation, or subscription an investment. Invest in women, accelerate progress.

Women know what women want, so ensure you're getting the best for yourself by choosing women lead brands and Curvy Swimwear. 


Encourage Mentorship and Networking

I don’t know about you, but as I get older “who I want to be when I grow up” changes. Even during middle age, I am inspired by other women to live my next act with more independence, focus, joy, and confidence. My list no longer includes celebrities or global icons of change, rather I’m guided by the women in my life who I get to engage with as friends, colleagues, educators, or chosen family. Being open to learning, as well as sharing my own wisdom, accelerates my progress as a woman of the world.

Time is an investment, and prioritising mine with women and girls who are thriving by living authentically and confidently, inspires me immensely. Many don’t know that I consider them a ‘mentor’, but they most certainly fulfill that role for me. Identifying inspirational values and behaviours in the women around me, helps to keep my aspirations realistic and attainable. 

Be open to networking opportunities and mentorships. Not necessarily in the traditional professional setting, but in everyday life. If you can’t identify any in your circle, look further afield. Our Curvy Confidence Ambassadors for 2024 are incredibly inspirational in their own ways and their stories may resonate or inspire you in your own life.



Promote Health and Wellbeing

It has come to light recently that many safety tests and medical research have neglected the needs of women. For example, car safety testing has only ever used crash test dummies with male specifications, neglecting the specific needs of women. It has also been highlighted that female specific medical issues have been under researched with minimal mention of conditions, like menopause, in the medical curriculum.

Women are often misdiagnosed, experience delays in diagnosis, or are dismissed by medical professionals altogether. This needs to change. We need to be vocal about the health and wellbeing needs of women and girls, including period poverty, endometriosis, menopause, and fertility, just to name a few.

Question your health professionals regarding their knowledge of women specific issues and encourage them to provide better treatment for female patients. Invest in research and awareness programs, such as Share the Dignity or Endometriosis Australia, to accelerate progress in women’s health and wellbeing.

Investing in women’s health, and women in the health industry, will bring about meaningful change and accelerate progress. Not only will this contribute to a healthier population, but it will empower women with confidence to pursue their dreams.



However you are spending this International Women's Day, take time to celebrate yourself and the ladies in your life. Ask how you can invest in them or an issue dear to them to accelerate change and don't forget to consider your own needs too. Happy International Women's Day from all of us here at Curvy Swimwear. 

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