Splash of Colour

It is evident, growing up or living in Australia, that swimming plays a major role in our lives. We learn to swim from a young age and even if we don’t live near the coast, there always seems to be a pool close by that we can access to cool off and enjoy.

While many of us just take the ability to swim for granted, there are women in our communities who have not had access to swimming lessons. Until now. There is a new initiative happening in Newcastle where women from culturally diverse backgrounds are learning how to swim and enjoy the water.

Introducing…Splash of Colour

A group of women participate in a swimming lesson in the pool

Splash of Colour offers swimming lessons for women from diverse backgrounds

What is Splash of Colour?

Curvy Swimwear is privileged to support an incredible initiative called Splash of Colour. Based in Newcastle, NSW, Splash of Colour is an exceptional program teaching women from culturally diverse backgrounds how to swim.

Founder, Ennia, created the program to help women from diverse backgrounds feel safer and more confident in pools and at the beach. Acknowledging how much the Australian culture is focused around swimming and spending time in the water, her goal is to teach this life skill with a focus on safety and enjoyment.

Ennia hopes the Splash of Colour program will empower women to influence their children to consider swimming as a sport.  By encouraging children to participate in swimming and learn water safety, Ennia anticipates the next generation of culturally diverse Australians will be involved in this safe and enjoyable sport and activity.

Two women high five during a swimming lesson in the pool

Participants learn essential swimming skills to help them feel empowered and confident in the water

Is Splash of Colour for You?

Splash of Colour offers swimming lessons to women over 18, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This means women who identify with a culture or religion that is not predominantly represented in Australian society or speak a language other than English at home.

The program is best suited to women who are completely new to swimming or those with minimal swimming abilities. The program supports women who don’t speak English very well by allowing translators to accompany participants.

4 women pose together wearing various styles of swimwear

Participants are from diverse backgrounds who have had little to no experience with swimming

How Does Curvy Swimwear Support Splash of Colour?

We were approached by Ennia to see if we could work together as sponsors. We loved the initiative so much, we offered to support participants with new swimwear to suit their needs. This is a new relationship, and we are hopeful that we can support Splash of Colour in more meaningful ways in the future.

Curvy Swimwear believes in the project and we hope that it reaches other communities and locations around the country. We are committed to helping in any way we can to ensure Splash of Colour continues to teach and foster a love of swimming for all.

2 women pose by the pool wearing different styles of swimwear

Participants have been treated to Curvy Swimwear swimsuits to help them enjoy the water after the program

How Can You Support Splash of Colour?

You can easily make a donation to Splash of Colour on their website. Your financial support will help to subsidise swimming lessons for women from diverse backgrounds. It will also help to secure modest swimsuits and unique swimming accessories such as large swimming caps for those with voluminous hair.

With many of the participants mothers and carers, your donated funds will also help with child care and creche services.

2 women pose by the pool wearing different styles of swimwearWoman poses wearing a one shoulder teal one piece swimsuit

Splash of Colour is impacting the lives of women in a positive and empowering way 

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