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April 18, 2019 3 min read

Holiday Essentials: What to pack for your next holiday getaway

Are you prepping for your next big holiday? Whether it’s for a birthday, to visit family or just because, the lead up to a holiday is always such an exciting time. And while there’s so much to look forward to just before you go away, it can also be a little stressful when you’re trying to remember absolutely everything you need to pack.
 To take the weight off your shoulders, we’ve decided to put together a little checklist of things you definitely don’t want to forget when going on your next big trip:


No doubt you’ll want to get down to the water during your trip! Especially when it’s a bit cooler at home, making time for beach or pool days is an absolute must when you’re away from home. We recommend having a chlorine resistant swimsuit if you plan on spending time in the pool to help avoid the damaging effects that chlorine has on fabric. To help you find the best chlorine resistant swimwear, check out our stunning range here.
plus size swimwear

A fantastic pair of sunglasses:

Not only will your sunglasses make you look super trendy, but they will protect your eyes against damaging UV rays, help you stop squinting and ultimately protect yourself from eye wrinkles!


Hats and sunscreen:

Heading off somewhere sunny? A beach hat or visor is absolutely essential for everyone planning to spend time in the sun. We all know the consequences of prolonged sun exposure, so always remember to slip, slop, slap!


Beach tote:

If you’re planning on venturing away from the hotel for some sight-seeing, you’ll need to pack your towel, sunscreen, book and any other adventure must-haves. Rather than trying to stuff it all in your handbag, bring yourself a nice big beach tote with multiple compartments to help keep your stuff organised.

Simple slide sandals:

Especially for island getaways where you’ll likely slip in and out of the pool all day, having a pair of slides is the perfect solution to holiday footwear. As well as being super comfy and easy to chuck on, slide sandals are a bit classier than thongs and will allow you to bounce from pool to bar to restaurant and back all day long. Our favourites are of course Birkenstocks, shop our collection of Birkenstocks.  

Colourful cross body bag:

Put the old black handbag back in the closet and rock a bright cross body bag that will make your outfit pop. They’re a great option for those ladies with kids who need two hands free at all times, or who simply want to enjoy their day out without constantly worrying about the handbag.

Easy romper:

Rompers are easy to put on and take off, making them perfect for heading down to the beach or lounging by the pool. Easiest outfit choice when planning a busy day heading to cafes and shops from the water. 


Strap up heels:

Go from pool-side chilling to fine-dining and bar-hopping with some cute strappy heels and a flowy sundress! Make sure they’re comfortable ones though – the last thing you want on holidays is sore feet!

A good camera:

Whether you plan to use your iPhone, a DSLR or a Polaroid camera, make sure you take it with you everywhere you go to snap away at all your holiday fun! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did in the years to come!
beach images

Nail polish:

Ever find that your nail polish chips within the first week of your holiday? Bring a few of your favourite colours and paint your nails with a different one every week of your trip. Being on holiday is all about feeling great and doing this one little thing can go a long way to achieving it!


A little perfume:

If you’re using a smaller, cross-body bag, you might not have enough room to carry your deodorant and standard perfumes around everywhere you go. Head to the chemist and grab a baby-sized one so you can still smell great wherever you go without the bottle hogging all your bag space.
Of course, every holiday is going to be different, but if you start with these key essentials, you’re sure to have a blast wherever you go! For more swimwear and activewear collections perfect for your next holiday, check out our full range here.

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