Fun New Ways to Get Active in 2022

2022 is upon us and it feels a little daunting. Instead of getting stressed out about “New Year, New Me”, get involved in “New Year, New Fun Things to Do”.

The start of a new year is a great time to get inspired and excited about trying fun new things. Learning a new skill or trying something different can make us feel accomplished and ignite a sense of achievement and adventure.

A new year often makes us think of improving our health and wellbeing. Getting fit is so often on the top of resolution lists. However, this can lead to us putting pressure on ourselves to workout in ways that we just don’t enjoy. This is often unsustainable, and we end up feeling like we’ve failed.

This year, instead of joining a gym for the hundredth time, why not try a fun new activity to get yourself moving? Let me introduce you to a few of my favourite ways to get your heart racing with guaranteed laughs along the way.

Playground Games

Do you remember how much fun you had as a kid? Grabbing anything available to you and making a game out of it? Kids make active living look effortless and fun, so why not take inspiration from the playground and rediscover your childhood in a non-Squid Games kinda way.

If you’ve ever seen a boxer training, you’ll know that skipping is one of the most effective workouts you can do anywhere. While you might start out a little dusty, it won’t take long for you to criss cross your way to great cardiovascular health. Jumping rope is an excellent way to build progress and set achievable goals for yourself.

Jumping up and down not your thing? Try going side to side with a hula hoop! Just like skipping ropes, there are some seriously cool hula hoops out there that will add a little pizzazz to your workout. Again, you might struggle at first, but keep at it and you’ll be twirling like a circus star in no time. Do it with a friend for that extra giggle factor and enjoy the bonus ab workout from all those belly laughs.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I’ll admit that the thought of stand up paddle boarding made me shudder. I imagined myself stranded in a river without a hope of being rescued. Not the case. In fact, I felt so safe and secure on the massive board on the tranquil water with my guide nearby. It was one of the most relaxing and meditative experiences of my life and I can’t wait to get out and try it again.

If you just want to try it out or if you live near water and can see yourself doing it on the reg, give supping a red hot go. Take a lesson by yourself or with friends and see for yourself how much fun floating on the water can be. 

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Two women on the beach with paddle boards

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is more fun in cute swimsuits

Pole Fitness

If relaxing isn’t your thing and you want to channel your inner showgirl, try pole dancing. Pole fitness studios offer all kinds of workouts from burlesque dancing to full on aerial acrobatics. The feminine energy in the studio makes you feel comfortable and confident to try new things without feeling self-conscious.

All shapes, sizes, and abilities are welcome at these fun female-run studios. Grab a friend and try a beginner pole dancing class for a challenging and hilarious workout that you’ll find addictive and rewarding. You’ll surprise yourself at how quickly your strength improves after only a few lessons. Plus, you’ll feel super sexy and empowered. Look out, world! 

Theme Parks

Ok, this one is a little out of the box, but bear with me. Have you ever worn a step counter to a theme park? Those things buzz like crazy after you hit goal after goal walking miles in only a few hours.

If you live in accessible proximity to a theme or adventure park, grab yourself a season pass. It’s cheaper than a gym membership and a million times more fun. Commit to going at least once a month to get the most out of your pass and maximise your fitness goals.

Hit the parks whenever you can and take advantage of the constant entertainment keeping you engaged while you ‘workout’. Water parks are the best as they often involve climbing and being more active. Treat yourself to a cute new swimsuit and hit the slides for the most fun you’ll have working out this year. 


Red haired model wears double frill bikini top and high waisted pant at Wet n Wild

Get your steps up and have fun at a water park

Roller Skating

Did you know that roller skating rinks still exist? These once frequented havens of fun are few and far between but if you search hard enough, you can still find one of these 80s gems near you. Failing that, you can always find a good footpath or car park to go for a roll.

Roller skating, roller blading, skateboarding, or scooting, are all super fun, and sometimes terrifying ways to stay fit and healthy. Plus, there are some super cute skates out there so you can at least look the part.

For some, returning to skating can be like riding a bike, for others, it’s like learning to walk again. If you can persevere, skating is the most fun you can have while working up a sweat. Go all out and rock a full 80s get-up and surrender to your Xanadu dreams.

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