Curvy Swimwear Babes

Curvy Swimwear Babes

At Curvy Swimwear we are lucky enough to work with amazing plus size swimwear models every year. We love meeting and working with confident ladies who represent our brand of being curvy and confident. No matter what size you are we believe that your body is yours and needs to be embraced.

In light of our new season that is about to be released, we thought we would talk about some of our Curvy swimwear babes form last season who have opened up our customers eyes and shown that it’s sexy to be confident in who you are.


Latecia is one of the most famous plus size models in Australia and in the World. This Aussie babe is known for transforming her self love journey through embracing her curves going from a size 10 to a size 18 and now loving and embracing herself even more.

Having graced TV screens around the world for proving that you really can love yourself she has taught young women on how to love themselves no matter what their size may be. Her power of self love is strong enough to convince anyone to embrace their skin and find a way to love who you are.

Latecia is a curvy swimwear babe as she shot our exclusive velvet range in Bali. As she shot this campaign it was clear to see why she is so popular as her looks simply blew us all away. With fierce yet classy looks, she was genuine and light hearted as this shoot was fast and fun.

We loved every single photo of our curvy babe that it took us a whole week to narrow down the photos to the select few you all get to view today. She is an amazing person and as she travels between Australia and America, she has big things destined for her. Check out her Instagram @latecait to see all of her other campaigns and photos!


Amanda is a very special curvy babe to us at Curvy Swimwear. We did a model search to find a modern day women who wants to embrace her curves and show our customers how anyone can look and feel great in a Curvy swimsuit. Amanda is a Gold Coast based plus size model.

Amanda not only rocked this photo shoot for the Mosaic Aqua range but she also blew away other curvy brands out in the industry. Opening doors to other opportunities, she showed everyone that hard work pays off and by putting yourself out there you can really change your life.

She has embraced her curves and since then her life has been busy with shooting for other fashion and swimwear brands. Being a Mum of 2 gorgeous girls, she really is a hard working, business woman who can take the time to look in the mirror and see someone she really loves. Not only this but the Curvy Swimwear team and all of our customers love her just as much!

Styling Curvy

Jenni is a fun, loving and amazing curvy babe that we met years ago as the Curvy brand was beginning. Jen is famous for her brutal honesty, trustworthy opinion and openness about her own personal life and battles she has faced. She is the modern day women that we all look up to as she leads the way in styling and self love.

We have Jenni work with us regularly whether it is a blog post or an Instagram photo. There is always something we want to have Jen involved with. Last year she was our host as we did a live swimwear show on social media. Models showed all of our customers the new range as Jenni commentated on her opinions and thoughts as each style and print came out on display.  

We have a few big things in the work with Jenni that we can’t release yet but be sure that this Curvy Swimwear Babe isn’t going anywhere and she is definitely someone to follow if you want any advice or styling opinions. She has amazing content and works very hard to give all of her curvy babes something to see and watch every day.


Maddie is a fun, gorgeous and bubbly Curvy Swimwear babe that is her own person and is completely confident in her own skin. Being around Maddie simply lights up a room as she can make you laugh or talk about politics. She has brains and beauty as she is dipping her toes into the swimwear modeling industry.

We found Maddie on Instagram as we were staling to find a fresh face for our Curvy Swimwear Babe recruiting. She was found and messaged straight away. We met with her a few days later and the rest is history. Maddie also applied for our new face of Capriosca Swimwear and was instantly added to our Top 10 list. She has modelled for us a few times and we hope to be working with her in the future.

With a full time job, studying full time as well as modelling, she can do it all. She isn’t afraid to tell you who she is and she shows how self love is the only way to go. Once you find that key you will radiate confidence and that is rare in the era of social media.

Maddie has big things coming for her and we will be working with her as we head into the new season! Check her out @miniandmay for your daily dose of inspiration!  Hopefully Maddie will inspire lots of other young girls to apply for our next model search.

We are always on the hunt for our next curvy swimwear babe. We want everyone to see the modern day women taking control of their body and promoting positivity as they rock our swimwear range. With styles and designs to fit every body no matter what shape or size, we are working hard to create a brand that is focused on feeling and looking great.

Curvy Swimwear Babes

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