Celebrate or Conceal | How to Wear Swimwear Your Way

Here at Curvy Swimwear we champion body positivity and self love. These concepts can mean something different to everyone, so rather than saying “wear that bikini and love yourself”, we want you to wear what feels right for you.

Self confidence and body positivity doesn’t discriminate, just as negative self talk and low self image can effect anyone. You can be any size or shape and have a complex relationship with your body and how you want to present yourself in the world.

Covering up doesn’t always mean that you hate that part of your body. You might just prefer to highlight the areas you really love to maximise your confidence and comfort when heading out. So too, exposing more skin doesn’t automatically mean that you’re firing on optimal body positivity.

We’re here for curvy bodies and we know from our interactions with our customers that there are areas of the body that can feel challenging to dress. Knowing whether to show them off or to hide them away is confusing. To help you choose a swimsuit that feels right for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most common areas that you might need help with and offer you different ways to dress them. Celebrate or conceal, it’s up to you.

Big Bust

Our number one customer concern is fitting a larger bust. We strive to fit and support a wide range of cup sizes offering different ways to lift, highlight, or minimise a bigger bust. While the best way to “flatter” a large bust is to lift it with an underwire and minimise it with a V neck, some women prefer to keep their girls under wraps and others want to show off as much as possible. There is no wrong way to dress a large bust, just choices.


V Neck

A V neckline is an ideal option for a larger bust. A V neck can minimise a bigger bust by visually halving it. Showing a little cleavage and covering the rest of the bust gives the illusion that it is smaller. A V neck is also a great way to show off your assets whether it’s in a shallow V neckline or deep plunge.

Try the Whitehaven V Neck One Piece


An underwire swimsuit will lift and support a larger bust. Underwire styles tend to feature a soft V neck to show off the bust in the best possible way. Not only does an underwire help to highlight the bust, it allows you to show off your waistline. Lifting the bust away from your midsection, shows off your waist and accentuates your curves.

Try the Bora Bora Underwire Tankini Top


The classic triangle bikini is a sexy little swim option that lets you show a little skin. Choose how much you want to show off by selecting the right size for you. Our triangle bikini tops feature fully adjustable neck and back ties, so simply choose your size based on how much skin you want to show. If all you want is to cover your nipples, go for a smaller size than you would usually wear.

Try the Black Triangle Bikini Top

Zip front

A zip front swimsuit gives you the option to show a little or a lot. Just like a V neck a zip front swimsuit worn with the zip lowered will flatter a larger bust and show off your fabulous cleavage. You can opt for a small V neck or take it all the way down for a dramatic plunge style.

Try the Navy and White Dots Frill Sleeve One Piece

Four women wear different swimwear styles that accentuate a larger bust

Confidently show off your gorgeous cleavage and full bust with these fabulous swimwear styles. 


Frill Bikini

Our frill bikini top features a longer ruffle that falls from the gently scooped neckline. The frill skims over the bust so you don’t see the shape of the breasts or their exact size. The soft curve of the neckline and the generous ruffle keep your bust under wraps while still offering an alluring and sexy style.

Try the Navy Floral Frill Bikini Top

3 Tier

Just like the frill bikini top, the 3 tier tankini and one piece use soft, cascading ruffles to cover the bust, belly, and hips. This style is very popular for women who don’t want to show every detail of their body. Featuring a shallow V neck, this clever style minimises and disguises a large bust beautifully.

Try the Bora Bora 3 Tier Tankini Top


A flouncy one piece or tankini features a softly draping overlay that falls from a straight neckline and secures at the hip, creating a blouson look that covers the bust and belly. The shape of the breasts is not evident, nor is the tummy.

Try the Black Flouncy One Piece

Off the Shoulder Ruffle

An off the shoulder style featuring a large ruffle detail is fabulous for concealing a larger bust. Show off your shoulders and complete detract from your bust as it hides under a generous frill. You can attach the straps for extra support or leave them off for a seductive and sexy look.

Try the Midnight Garden Off the Shoulder One Piece

Four women wear different styles of swimwear to minimise the size and appearance of their bust 

Conceal or minimise a larger bust with frills and flounces and feel confident in your swimwear this summer.  

Round Tummy

Prominent bellies are very common and should be celebrated. Whether you have a lovely apple shape or you’re pregnant, a round tummy deserves our love and attention. Some women like to keep theirs under wraps while others show them off with pride and confidence. There are many ways to dress a round tummy whichever way you like to wear it.


Bikini Tops

Bikini tops are an obvious choice for showing off a curvy midsection. A top that supports and lifts the bust will highlight the smallest part of the waistline and show off your beautiful belly.

Try the Amalfi Pink Square Neck Bikini Top

Low Waist Pants

Low or mid waist bikini bottoms will sit under the belly to frame to show it off. This is a comfortable choice as they don’t dig into the fullest part of the midsection. Pregnant woman tend to choose this style over a high waisted pair for this reason.

Try the Navy and White Dots Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

One Piece Without Ruching

Many of our styles feature ruching across the tummy, which minimises the appearance of a rounder waistline. If you prefer to show off your curvy belly, a one piece without ruching will hug your body and highlight your silhouette.

Try the Acapulco Fresh Square Neck One Piece

three women wear different styles of swimwear to highlight and show off their round midsections

Show off your beautiful belly with a revealing style that accentuates your curves.  


Swim Dress

A swim dress is a great style if you want to keep your curvy belly under wraps. Our beautiful dresses skim over the body and skirt out in an A line shape to conceal and minimise a fuller midsection.

Try the Bora Bora Frill Swim Dress

3 Tier

Our 3 tier styles are the go to for women who want to conceal their curves. These fabulous tankini and one piece styles feature 3 large frills that skim over the bust, belly and hips to keep them covered. The back sits flat against the body so you can still show off your shape and not be overwhelmed by ruffles.

Try the Whitehaven 3 Tier One Piece

Peplum Tankini

A peplum tankini top falls from under the bust and skirts over the belly. This style can be worn with our without straps. Wearing it strapless draws the eye away from the midsection to focus instead on the shoulders and decolletage. A white waistband detail gives the illusion of a smaller waist and highlights the curves.

Try the Acapulco Peplum Tankini Top

Swing Tankini

Like the peplum tankini, the swing tankini top features a generous A line skirt that swings out from under the bust. An underwire bra lifts the bust away from the midsection, highlighting the smallest part of the waistline.

Try the Frenchy Black Swing Tankini Top

Four women wear different swimsuit styles to cover up a round belly 

Clever designs such as these gorgeous swimsuits, help to disguise a round belly if you'd prefer to keep your curves a mystery. 

Full Booty

A full booty is a fabulous asset to have. It usually indicates that your glutes are strong which is ideal for lower body joint health. Plus, a full booty looks fantastic. Current fashion trends celebrate a big bottom, but there are curvy women who just want to keep theirs to themselves. We are here for all of you with stylish ways to celebrate or conceal your generous butt.


High Cut Pant

High cut bikini bottoms are a curvy butt’s dream. They show off, lift, accentuate, but also minimise a fuller booty. They lengthen the legs and let you celebrate your big bottom in a sexy and flattering way. Showing a little skin with a cheeky cut in the best way to dress your generous booty.

Try the Leopard High Cut Bikini Bottoms

High Waisted Pant

Our classic high waisted pant is great for showing off your shapely behind. This full coverage pant covers the booty and hips drawing the eye to the lovely roundness and size of your butt. Think glamorous pinup babes and there generous hips and curves.

Try the Bora Bora White High Waisted Pant

Fitted One Piece

A fitted one piece that hugs the small of the back and cinches the waist will help to accentuate and draw attention to your curvy butt. Choose a style with minimal fuss or prints to show your silhouette off in all its curvy glory.

Try the Metallic Deep Teal One Shoulder One Piece

three women wear different swimsuit styles to show off their curvy bottoms

Whether you follow trends or not, showing off your beautiful booty with a high cut or curve loving style will help you feel fabulous at the beach.  


Swim Dress

Take your bottom out of the equation completely with a swim dress. Our A line swimming dresses offer coverage for the booty, minimising the size and concealing the shape of your bottom.

Try the Chlorine Resistant Corsica Turquoise Wide Strap Swim Dress

Skater Skirt

Like the swim dress, the skater skirt covers the bottom for full coverage and concealment. This versatile piece can be worn over your swimsuit when you feel like keeping your fabulous booty to yourself.

Try the Black Skater Skirt

Tankini Top

A tankini top that finishes along the hip height visually cuts your bottom in half. It no longer becomes a focal point with the eye drawing upward instead. A printed tankini top or one with detail at the neckline will detract attention from the lower half of your body.

Try the Midnight Garden Off the Shoulder Tankini Top

 three women wear different swimsuit styles to minimise and cover their fully bottoms

Keep your booty under wraps and all to yourself with a cute skirted style that looks fun and feminine. 

Curvy Thighs

Whether you’ve got impressive muscular quads or lovely soft legs, curvy thighs can be a challenge to dress. Many women feel self-conscious about this part of their bodies, but and equal number of women absolutely love theirs. There are so many ways you can dress your beautiful, generous pins to show them off or to keep them concealed.


High Cut Pant

High rise leg lines elongate the thighs and lengthen the legs. This is the best style to choose to “flatter” curvy thighs and show them off in all their glory.

Try the Amalfi Pink High Rise Bikini Bottoms

Boy Leg

A boy leg line will widen the thighs if you want show off your hips in a retro pinup fashion. Accentuating the curviness of your upper legs gives you an hourglass effect similar to the Marilyn silhouette.

Try the Navy and White Dots Boyleg One Piece

Long Sleeve One Piece

A long sleeve one piece keeps everything else hidden so the eye is naturally drawn to your legs. A plain black pair will give you the most dramatic effect, while a printed style will hold some of the attention to the upper body.

Try the Chlorine Resistant Black Long Sleeve One Piece

three women wear different swimsuit styles to show off and accentuate their curvy thighs

Show off your curvy thighs and killer pins with a swimsuit that draws attention to your beautiful assets.  


Choose a wide strap swim dress to cover your upper thighs. While your upper legs aren’t completely covered, the skirt will cut your thighs off half way to minimise the look and keep the focus away from your legs.

Skater Skirt

If you prefer swim separates, a swim skirt is a great addition to your swim wardrobe. This clever piece can be thrown on over your swimsuit for when you want a little more coverage for your curvy thighs.

Try the Black Skater Swim Skirt

Bike or ¾ Pant

If you don’t like to show your skin, cover up your thighs with a longer length swim pant. Our bike pant or ¾ leggings are perfect if want keep your skin concealed.

Try the Chlorine Resistant Black 3/4 Swim Leggings

 Woman wears triangle bikini top and black a line skater skirt

A fun and flirty swim skirt is a great way to keep your thighs covered if you prefer to conceal them. 

Generous Arms

Are you blessed with fabulous arms that command attention? Show them off with a sexy style or keep them to yourself. There a many wonderful options for dressing your generous arms so you can feel fabulous in your swimwear.



A triangle bikini is a halter neck style that highlights the shoulders and the arms. Show off your sunkissed arms and feel super sexy this summer in a classic triangle bikini top.

Try the Black Triangle Bikini Top


 A strapless one piece, tankini, or bikini top is an ideal way to show off your arms, shoulders and decolletage. You’ll feel sexy and carefree in a stylish bandeau style swimsuit that accentuates your upper body.

Try the Sardinia Underwire Bandeau One Piece

Woman with long brown hair wears black triangle bikini top and skater skirt. Woman with blonde hair wears Leopard print strapless bandeau one piece

Show off your gorgeous arms with a strapless or halter swimsuit.  


Off the Shoulder

Our off the shoulder one piece and tankini tops feature a large ruffle that wraps around and conceals the upper arms. You’ll show off your shoulders but keep your arms hidden under the generous and stylish frill.

Try the Lilac Florence Off the Shoulder Bikini Top

Sleeved One Piece

A sleeved one piece allows you to wear a stylish swimsuit while completely covering up your arms. Choose a printed style that softens the edges of your silhouette, diffusing definite lines. A style that features a waist detail will draw attention to the centre of your body and away from your arms.

Try the Frenchy Black Long Sleeve One Piece

Rash Vest

A rash vest is a great way to customise your swimwear when you want to cover up. Keep a long or short sleeve rashie on hand for when you want to keep your gorgeous arms to yourself. They are of course, excellent for sun protection too.

Try the Whitehaven Short Sleeve Rash Vest

 Three women wear different swimsuits to cover their arms

Keep your arms covered with frills or sporty sleeved swimsuits. 

Read more about finding your perfect swimwear sizing with our comprehensive and informative guide.

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