Benefits of a Cool Dip

We know, you took one look at that title and said ‘NO WAY’, but trust us, by the end of this you’ll be wondering which swimsuit will look the best when you jump into that winter ocean.

There must be a reason all those people jump into the ocean for a ‘polar bear swim’ or ‘arctic plunge’. We’ve broken down the best reasons and benefits of winter swimming.

Boots Your Immune System

Cold water swims have been proven to boost your immune system. Cool water encourages your white blood cells to multiply in reaction to these new conditions thus increasing your immunity against common colds, flus and more. 

Improves Circulation

Your first winter swim may be chilly, but don’t worry, the rush of cold-water swimming flushes your veins and forces blood to the surface for warmth.

Eventually this will encourage your body to adapt to the cold better. Better circulation also keeps your organs performing better, heals wounds faster and keeps your brain sharp.

Burns Calories

Trust us, we know you don’t want to jump in the cold water, but swimming is a great form of low-impact exercise that many can enjoy.

Not only does it get your heart pumping and calories burning in summer, but colder water encourages your heart to beat faster, thus burning more calories!

Stress Reducing

Sure, you may be stressing about the cold at first, but with time and practice you’ll find yourself more relaxed and stress free.

Many studies have linked cool water swimming with stress reduction and relaxation.

Increases Endorphins

Like many forms of exercise, cold water swims encourage the brain to produce endorphins. Not only that but the cold water brings us closer to the pain barrier, which also increases endorphins.

By the end of your cold-water swim, you should be feeling on cloud 9.

Make Friends

As much as you feel you may be, you are not the only person that has decided a cold-water dip is for them. Heading down to the beach on a chilly morning and jumping straight into the water can bring you closer to a community of like-minded people who also enjoy your same hobbies.

We encourage you to form a group of swimmers so you know you are all in this together.

Now what will you wear?

Now that you’ve decided a cold-water swim is for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best swimsuits for you to wear.

Whether you have decided to go for a dip in the pool, lake or ocean, you’ll be needing dedicated winter swimwear for these cold-water adventures.


Luxe Sport Long Sleeve Zip Front

Luxe Sport Long Sleeve Zip Front

This staple long sleeve swimsuit is great for winter swimming in Australia. With great thick chlorine resistant material and full upper body coverage, this will keep you warm, whilst still allowing full mobility for whichever swim stroke you may choose.

This super cute and comfortable swimsuit is great for not only keeping you warm during your winter swim, but also has excellent longevity in high chlorine environments like public pools.


Leopard Zip Front One Piece

Leopard Zip Front One Piece

If you are wanting something sporty and short sleeved our sustainable Leopard Zip Front One Piece is great for your winter swimming. This great animal print swimsuit works for women of all sizes. Wear it your way and have full access of movement for your long-distance winter swims.

Rash Vests

Rash Vests

If you are wanting a long sleeve swimsuit that you can pop over any existing swimwear, then our range of Rash Vests are great for you. Choose from a range of fun and stylish rash vests for you to layer to keep you warm during your winter swim.

We offer a great selection of chlorine resistant rash vests if you choose to partake in your winter swimming in a pool, or more for open water swims.


Full Moon Kaftan

Full Moon Kaftan

Whether you are heading to the pool or beach or on the way back home, our range of kaftans are great as beach cover ups to protect you from the cool winds.

Our customer favourite full moon kaftan is great for wearing over your winter swimwear as well as throwing over yourself as you get changed into something dry after your dip.

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