Awesome Companies Promoting a Positive Body Image

Here at Curvy Swimwear we champion the body positivity movement, so we love it when we see like minded folks doing the same thing. Celebrating and promoting diversity in the fashion industry is one of the best ways to improve confidence in women of all ages, shapes, sizes and colours. 

Body Positive Brands We Love


One of the major companies promoting positive body image is Aerie. With over 1.2 million followers Aerie introduced the hashtag #AerieREAL movement in 2018. 

Promoting body positivity and self love with a training program both instore and online ”The Don’t Change You. Change Your Bra!” campaign. They also introduced Support In the Fitting Room which encourages customers to leave sticky notes with positive affirmations in the fitting room.

Image by Aerie


Modcloth is also based in the United States was ahead of the game when it came to body positive modelling. They will show the same product on 5 different sized models on their online platform individually. They also show a group photo. This way you can see all different shapes and sizes wearing the same swimsuit, dress or top. 

In one of their blogs they had nine of their employees in the same best selling swimsuits. This was to show an actual representation of the all sizes collections that they have to offer.

Image by Modcloth


Dove In 2005 released an advertisement with eight ‘real’ women dressed in white underwear.  They showed women of different ages, sizes and skin colour in their “Real Beauty” campaign designed to change the perceptions of how people view beauty.

Image by Dove


Nike now offers all size collections up to a 3X in their range.  Nike has made sure that all body sizes can now work out fashionably and recently have added plus size mannequins to their retail stores.

Image by Nike

Sport England

One of my favourite brands that have lead the way in body positivity would have to be Sport England. Their campaign “This Girl Can” has seen over 1.6 million women start exercising as a result of this campaign. The campaign targets all ages and has been a great motivator for young teenagers through to older women. It has helped people everywhere to get inspired and they have also set up teams of supporters and events to help get others active.

The positive effects of media on body image has made a huge impact on individuals who have had life long struggles with body positivity and self love.  The large campaigns like those of Dove “Real Beauty” have started to change the way people see beauty. 

Celeste Barber

While not officially a "brand", Instagram comedian Celeste Barber has really pointed out the way we view social media posts.  Her hilarious take offs and comparisons of other unrealistic social media accounts has earnt her over 7 million followers @celestebarber.  Changing people habits and following more body positive accounts is one of the small steps to achieving body positivity and self love.

Image by Celeste Barber

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