Australian of the Year, Taryn Brumfitt, Shines a Light on Body Acceptance.

The 2023 Australian of the Year, is body image activist and film maker, Taryn Brumfitt. This comes as no surprise to us at Curvy Swimwear, as we have loved watching Taryn’s tireless work over the past few years as she shines a light on body acceptance.

In her acceptance speech at the Australian of the Year awards ceremony, Taryn said,

“This is not about encouraging obesity… this issue is not simply about weight or size, it’s about the way that we feel about ourselves… it is learning to move, nourish, respect and enjoy our bodies because you can’t look after something you don’t love.”

Amen, Taryn!

This is the essence of body positivity. It’s not blindly loving your body no matter what, but loving yourself and respecting your body, so you can treat it in the best possible way. No one wants to care for something they don’t love, so encouraging an acceptance or love for your body, where it is at, will help you live a more joyful and positive life.

Taryn Brumfitt, Woman with blonde hair wears dark tailored jacket while presenting an acceptance speech for Australian of the Year.

Taryn Brumfitt accepting her 2023 Australian of the Year award.

Who is Taryn Brumfitt?

Taryn Brumfitt is a woman from Adelaide who became a viral sensation after sharing a before and after photo on social media. Not your usual before and after, this one presented the former body builder’s competition photo as the before and her post third baby body as the after.

Taryn shared her struggle with body image and her obsession over attaining the “perfect figure”. She opened up about her “joyless” lifestyle of restricted eating and excessive exercise. So began the discussion around body image and happiness.

Before and after photo of woman standing in a bikini during a body building contest and then sitting naked with her legs and arm crossed

The viral before and after post that started a body image revolution.

When the post went viral worldwide, Taryn knew she had touched on a topic that needed attention on a grander scale. She wrote a book expanding on her personal experience and teaching others to be kinder to their bodies. Discovering the immense impact her story had on others, Taryn set to work on the documentary “Embrace”, which has been watched by millions globally.

She started the Body Image Movement which takes her message to women and children everywhere, encouraging them to embrace their bodies and see them not as an ornament, but a “vehicle to your dreams”. Her focus is now on helping children stop the cycle of body self loathing and obsession with the “perfect figure”, and helping them instead to learn to love their wonderful, useful bodies.

Why We Love Taryn

Taryn Brumfitt is a very worthy recipient of Australian of the Year. She is changing lives and attitudes so that women, children, and even men, can learn to love and care for themselves and the bodies that will see them through life. The rabbit hole of body self loathing and low self esteem serves no one, and sucks the joy from life. Learning to meet your body where it is at and accepting and loving it, opens up a whole new world of positive living and enjoyment.

Thank you, Taryn, for encouraging the world to live happier and love deeper.


The Body Image Movement praising the work of their founder and Australian of the Year, Taryn Brumfitt.

Images courtesy of Body and Soul and Sydney Morning Herald. 


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