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ZipPay your Swimwear

With so many ways to shop these days, spending is becoming more and more affordable to the everyday person. With new introductions such as ZipPay, shopping has now become more affordable so we can really buy the things we want and need. If you haven't heard of ZipPay then you are in for a treat. Much like Afterpay, ZipPay offers more flexibility for you when shopping.

So how does ZipPay work? All you need to do is create your account now and start shopping for your new swimwear with the flexibility of a digital wallet. If you find a swimsuit you love online, simply click add to cart, head to the checkout and when you are about to process your payment, click the ZipPay option. Shopping for your ladies swimwear has never been so easy!

Yes, it is true, with ZipPay you can shop our ladies swimsuit today, enjoy your purchase while you go on holiday & pay later to suit your lifestyle! It's really that simple. Long gone are the days of stressing if you can afford that swimsuit before you head on holiday. You can have your swimsuit today, enjoy your holiday and pay later. We all have crazy lifestyles and different paydays, so ZipPay is making shopping easier for everyone. It works around you and your lifestyle.

What's more, there is no interest. The great thing is that ZipPay is completely transparent about no hidden fees. You won't need to worry about the hidden costs associated with all the good things these days! You can really have your swimsuit today and pay later. ZipPay wants you to be able to enjoy your ladies swimwear without having the stress of breaking the bank.

The best thing about ZipPay is that it is a completely digitised wallet. This just means there’s no need for a credit card anymore when shopping online. You can easily shop now, have it delivered and pay for it later. Try it for yourself today and enjoy all the perks of this new way of shopping.

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