Swim week is upon us and we are so delighted to see a range of women of all shapes, sizes and colours walking in some of the biggest catwalk shows of the swimwear calendar. It is a welcome breath of fresh air for women who never used to see themselves represented in media. 


This year in the Sports Illustrated Show we had not only the oldest model to do a swimwear runway at age 57 but also a range of women ranging from a size 6 to a size 18.

This was not a show to showcase only plus size women in an attempt at being inclusive but instead showing all body types, making the show truly inclusive to all.

Gorgeous Maddie in our Corsica Bikini One Piece


With Sports Illustrated showcasing more than just models, but instead real women from all walks of life, we look further into body positivity and its new found place in fashion.

For years runways have been riddled with internalised fatphobia where models would starve themselves for a place under the lights or to fit into the samples made by the designer, but now times are changing.

Lets talk about these beautiful women and how you too can rock a swimsuit like them.

Confidence is key 

One of the most obvious things about the women walking the runway is their confidence. When you feel good, you look good and that translates to everybody around you.

Put on your best swimsuit and a smile and watch as your confidence overtakes all else.

Riley looking gorgeous in our Black Double Frill Bikini Top and High Cut Pant.

Fake It Until You Make It

It’s okay if you don’t feel you are ready to go out in that bikini yet - it takes time to build up body confidence. Don’t let this set you back because their is no time like the present.

Get dressed and tell yourself you look great, take on this attitude throughout the day and let the insecurity fade away.

Rock That Swimsuit

Finding the perfect swimsuit to flatter your curves like the girls on the Sports Illustrated runway is one the most fun parts. We offer a range of swimsuits for the everyday woman, with a wide variety of colours, prints and styles to flatter all.

Whether you are looking for something modest or something more revealing we provide it all. 

Marg rocking our Leopard Wrap Top and Ruched Skirted Pant

Speak Kind Words

You are your own worst critic and your own words always hurt the most. Practice positive words to yourself in the mirror everyday when you get dressed. You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are fierce.

With frequent reminders and a positive outlook you will glow inside and out.

Get Out There

You can’t be a runway model hiding in your bedroom. The world deserves to see the fierce and confident woman you have become. Take photos, film yourself at your happiest moments and look back on the woman you have grown to become.

If you feel comfortable, share your pictures on social media, your confidence should be shared with all. 

Riley feeling confident in our Lace Up Black One Piece


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