Upside down bikini, underboob, and other ways to style your swim tops

If you spend any amount of time on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen someone wearing their triangle bikini top upside down. You might have also witnessed a hint of tasteful underboob. The internet is full of trends you’ve never considered, but deep down you kind of want to try them, don’t you?

Fashion is a wonderful playground where you can experiment and have fun with new styles and trends. The world of swimwear is no different. We see new designs each year, with fashion enthusiasts styling pieces their own unique way. Even classic styles get a revamp through styling.

The triangle or string bikini top has been popular since its first incarnation in 1946. Since then, we have changed its size, added underwire, made it slide, fixed it in place and altered the straps depending on the fashion of the time. Now, we’ve taken to wearing it upside down and discovered underboob, or reverse cleavage.

Are these just wild trends or are wearers onto something we haven’t yet considered? Let’s investigate these new ways of wearing our bikinis and see what all the fuss is about.

Tasteful underboob

Let’s start with the controversial underboob trend. For some, this might look like you need to loosen your straps, but I’ve discovered one of the legitimate reasons for rocking a little reverse cleavage.

Using my keen investigative skills, I asked around the office here at Curvy HQ. “What’s your take on underboob?”

While some didn’t get it, preferring to push their girls up to achieve more traditional cleavage, one of our team was pro underboob. She embraces the trend whole heartedly sighting her inability to get “top cleavage”, opting instead for a cheeky hint of lower boob. This makes complete sense to me.

If you are keen to try this trend, you can achieve the look with our triangle bikini top or two-way reversible bikini top.

Experiment with new looks like the tasteful underboob trend

Upside down bikini trend

These days, most fashion trends start with a Kardashian and the upside-down bikini top is no different. This new way to wear your bikini top appeals to us as we love a versatile piece that offers multiple ways to style it. We’re just not sure it provides the bust support we need.

Flipping your triangle bikini top creates a fuller shape and shows off more cleavage, above and below. The inner edges sit wider on the bust, showing more skin, while the ruched fabric of the lower triangle creates volume and fullness. Considering this, we suggest this trend might be more suited to smaller busts that don’t need too much support.

If you’re ready to flip your bikini and try something new, we suggest wearing our triangle bikini top upside down in the comfort of your own home first, to ensure nothing falls out.

black triangle upside down bikini topModel Wears Black Triangle Bikini Top

Triangle bikini styling

You can style your triangle bikini top more than two ways. Try these tricks or play around to find your own unique style. 

  • Cross your straps in front before tying at the back of your neck.
  • Tie the straps in front before tying at the back of your neck.
  • Wear it upside down and tie in the middle of your bust for a bandeau style.

Have fun with your bikini top and experiment with different ways of styling it. There are lots of fabulous tutorials online that show you exactly how to twist, tie, flip and wrap your triangle bikini to make it work for you.

Try new ways to wear your triangle bikini top that works for you


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