Tankini Tops

Tankini Tops

If you have a longer torso or you find one pieces uncomfortable to wear, then a tankini top might be the perfect solution for you. Being longer in the torso can make swimwear shopping hard as you want and need something that is going to fit perfectly.  We want to make the best tankini tops for you. Here at Curvy Swimwear, we offer a tankini top in every single print with all different styles available for you to pick from.

Panelled Tankini

So how do you pick the perfect tankini top for summer? If you want to have a slimming look, we would recommend getting a tankini swimsuit that has panelling. Panelling is when the sides of the swimsuit are solid black and the only print on the swimsuit goes down the front of the tankini. Having the black panels on the side ensures that you have a slimming effect as the print down the middle draws the eye line. The perfect tankini tops for a slimming effect.

Bandeau Tankini

If you really enjoy tanning, a bandeau tankini swimsuit would be a great pick. These tankini swimsuits are fantastic as you can remove the straps and continue wearing your swimsuit all day long. Having the ability to remove the straps means that you can wear them as you please. Making it easy to swim and tan all day long.

3 Tier Tankini 

Finally, the third best styles would be the three tier or the swing style tankini. The three tier style tankini top has three big layers to cover and shpae your front. This tankini bather is our best selling and definitely worth getting if you are tummy conscious. THe swing style tankini bather is A lined so it doesn’t stick to your body. Rather, this tankini is flowy and is great if you want a more relaxed look.

Check out our tankini swimwear tab or feel free to search any of these terms in the search bar. We want to help you find the best tankini top for you to make the most of summer! So head online or jump on our instagram to see what we have in store.

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