Our Top 10 Favourite Self Love Mantras For Lockdown Blues

Unexpected and prolonged lockdowns can get us down. Many of us are not used to staying home for extended periods of time with limited physical interaction with others.

Often, we find ourselves stuck in a social media loop, consuming content that can affect our self-worth and happiness. We have more of a tendency to compare our reality to someone else’s perfectly curated and edited highlight reel. 

Staying positive and keeping our spirits up is challenging. It takes work. Affirmations and mantras are positive ways to encourage ourselves daily to keep going. Here are some of our fav self-love mantras!


1. I am grateful for…

Showing gratitude for the positive things in our life can create a major shift in our attitude and mental health. See if you can add different things to a gratitude list each day as a consistent reminder of what you have to be thankful for.


2. I am proud of myself for doing the best I can

Setting unrealistic expectations of what you can achieve in lockdown will only cause you disappointment. Now is not the time to strive for perfection, but rather doing the best you can when you can.


3. I have the power to create change

Use this time to create positive change in your life or the lives of others. If you find yourself reaching for social media to distract yourself, take the time to leave positive comments on accounts you follow, find charities or initiatives that could use your support and share their content.

Sometimes we feel too small to make a difference, but every little action counts and your kind message could mean the world to someone who is feeling low. 

4. I am thankful for what my body can do

You might not be able to get out and do the things you love. Not moving your body the way you’re used to can make you feel trapped and stagnant. Do what you can and be thankful to your body for what it is capable of.

Set yourself new challenges and work at them each day to achieve your goal. Flexibility challenges are great for lockdown as they don’t require much space, time, or equipment. They can also be relaxing and a way to practice mindfulness. 


5. I treat myself with love and respect

This mantra should be at the forefront of everything we think and do, whether we’re locked down or not. It’s easy to fall into a self-sabotaging state when you’re feeling down. Try to stop negative thoughts and actions in their tracks and ask yourself whether you’re treating yourself with love and respect.


6. I enjoy my own company

Lockdown leaves many of us alone at home with only ourselves as company. Learning to love your time alone can be liberating and create a sense of calm. If you do live with others, taking time out to spend in your own company will help maintain your sanity. You’ll appreciate others better as well as yourself.


7. I am free to rest and take a break

This is a big one for many of us. Whether you are working hard, home schooling, caring for someone, working essentially outside the home, or studying, you need to give yourself permission to rest.

A day in bed might be just what you need. Don't see this as being lazy or a waste of time. This kind of self-care is essential and you will feel so much better for it. 


8. I am flexible and can adapt to what is out of my control

There is so much out of our control right now, with new changes often occurring daily. We need to be flexible and adaptable to deal with constant disruption, acknowledging that tomorrow might bring about another unexpected change.


9. I am strong enough to survive another day

You’ve made it this far and you can do it again. Draw on the strength you have shown so far to get you through another day, week, month of lockdown. Live in the moment and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


10. I am worthy of…

All the good things! Remind yourself constantly that if there is something good on offer, you are worthy of it.

More Self Love Acts

On top of these mantras, try to get some sunshine. Vitamin D is shown to elevate mood levels, so going for your daily walk and swim can help boost your mindset.

If you need to treat yourself, create a wish list of items to splurge on. Looking forward to a new swimsuit can be an exciting element to the lockdown blues!

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