May 09, 2018 3 min read

Get to know our Model Search Competition Winner, Amanda and what Mothers Day means to her!

How do you like to spend your Mothers Day?

I love to catch up with my mum and grandma on mothers day but for most of all I love to spend it with my little girls, Pippa and Gemma aged 3 and 1. We are not big on present buying in our house so my present is always simple........ my mum role goes out the window for the day. My husband takes on the mum and dad role, for example.....I'll have a bubble bath with the door locked while my husband packs the bags and gets the kids ready to take me out for breakfast! I LOVE Mothers Day!

Why is Mothers Day Special for you? 

I feel extremely lucky to be a mum. Not everyone gets the opportunity to have two healthy little ones. The day reminds me how lucky I really am! 

How would you describe being a mum? 

Patients, patients patients is the key to being a happy mum. I try to be a very relaxed mum and am more than happy to do the household chores tomorrow to have the time to play with the kids all day. You really can't describe the love you have for your children until you become a parent.....its truly indescribable becoming a mum!

How have you learnt to embrace your curves?

It really doesn't matter what size you are if your confident in your own skin. Once you realise everybody bodies are different a weight gets lifted off your shoulders and you can become your true self. Not what the media has drilled into us. I'm so excited society is slowly changing and we are seeing more body divircity in the media. It is so important for the next generation.....or children to be influenced by all different shapes and sizes! 

What was the effect of having children on your body?

My body looks much curvier! I put on the usual15kg with each pregnancy and lost the usual 5kg with each one once I gave birth. I have lost count of the number of people trying to tell me how to loose the "baby weight". I just love watching there faces when I tell them the most important thing in my life is to spend as much time with my little ones before they are all grown up and that I'm happy being curvier as long as I'm fit and healthy!

Do you have any tips for mums out there that battle with body insecurity?

Surround yourself with positive vibes! Friends and family that uplift you. Only follow people on social media that are confident in the skin they are in no matter what size. There is a massive community of body positive people out there making a big difference. This will encourage you to do the same.

What is some advice you would give other mums when learning to embrace their bodies after having children?

Change your mind set from, "I'm now fat and frumpy, I need to loose weight" to "I have just grown a human and yes my body has could it not!"
Also dressing to flatter your new curves will give you confidence. Embrace your me, it will be your best outfit!

What will you tell your kids about body image and how to deal with it?

Positive body image is a must with two beautiful little girls growing up in our household. I will tell my girls to embrace everybody for who they are, don't compare yourself to others as we are all different for a reason and most importantly love the skin your in. .....just like mum does!!!

What is your favourite swimsuit style on you and why?

This is the hardest question of all because I love so many different types of swimwear. My all time favourite is a swim dress or a gathered one piece, its the most confident style to be running around with the kids all day at the beach in. If it's a lazy day sunning around the pool, I'll always go for my high waisted bottoms with a underwire bikini top. Although I have recently purchased a crossover one piece which is super flattering and I can't wait to wear it on the boat over the weekend.

Thanks to Curvy Swimwear you can't go wrong!
Amanda Walker 💋

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June 25, 2018

What a inspiration and beautiful girl

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