How To Survive Summer in Your Menopause Era

Menopause Summer Survival Guide 

October is Menopause Awareness Month. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, that also means the beginning of hotter weather. With menopause causing overheating, hot flashes, and night sweats, summer enters the chat to double down on these already challenging symptoms. 

Keeping cool is a priority, with many options available to relieve hot spells at home and on the go. Swimming is of course a fabulous and fun way to cool the body and relax the mind. However, add in the physical changes that come with menopause and shopping for a swimsuit to fit your new body can be frustrating. 

In this blog, we offer our best advice for keeping cool, looking fabulous, and dressing well. We have considered what you might need over the summer months - daily solutions, special occasions, and of course, hitting the beach! If you need more advice on how to dress your new shape in a fabulous swimsuit, please reach out as we are always happy to help. 

Woman with slicked back hair reclines by the pool wearing a black and white v neck one piece swimsuit


Menopause affects women differently and while some may run hot continuously through the day and night, many experience sporadic bursts of hot flashes that come on at random and inconvenient times. Being prepared is the best way to arm yourself when the heat strikes. 

Dress in Layers

Layers of lightweight breathable clothing will allow you to control your temperature needs. Choose removable layers for when you are hot, and cover up for when you cool down. The linen trend is perfect for summer dressing. Also look for natural fibres such as bamboo and Tencel. These will feel soft and light on your skin and allow it to breathe. 

Keep Cool with Cooling Products

Invest in a bigger bag to carry an arsenal of cooling supplies. Cooling mists, water aerosols, cooling gels, cooling neck wraps, hand held fans, or a frozen washcloth are all great to have on hand. Pack them in an insulated snack or medicine bag to keep them at their ideal cooling temperature. 

Stay Hydrated 

Keep chilled water by your side. Treat yourself to a stylish insulated water bottle and fill it with chilled water and ice. Cooling down from the inside out can feel amazing. 

Woman with long brown hair bathes under and outdoor shower wearing a black and floral print one piece swimsuit.


Summer is a social time with many things to celebrate. You want to dress up and look fabulous with your hair and makeup done. The hot, humid weather already makes it unbearable but add in extra sweat from hot flashes and over heating, and you can feel completely defeated. Fortunately there are easy solutions for sweat proofing your face during summer. 

Lightweight Skin Care

Keep a light touch when it comes to skin care. Serums are preferable over heavier moisturisers. Use a hydrating serum to lightly nourish your skin, then protect it with a breathable sunscreen. You can now get sunscreens in a serum formula that feels like you're wearing nothing at all. 

Be sure to remove all makeup, sunscreen and dirt from your face with an effective cleanser. A cream, balm, or oil cleanser can be a soothing and relaxing way to remove the day from your sensitive skin. Keep a bottle of micellar water on hand for a double cleanse or if you're feeling too tired to bother.  

A moisturising sleep mask is ideal for night time. Let this be the time to drench your dry or parched skin with an enriching treat. You'll wake up with plump, hydrated skin even if you've had to have the air con on all night.  

Stay Put Makeup

Once your skin is prepped, apply a waterproof primer. These can be an absolute life saver for your face in summer. A primer such as the Hourglass Veil creates a smooth base but also turns any product that you layer on top, waterproof! 

Keep your base light by using a skin tint or tinted moisturiser. A sheer coverage product looks fresh for summer and won't feel heavy on the skin. A tubing mascara wears like a waterproof but is easier to remove. This will help prevent sweaty panda eyes and smudging. 

Add a pop of colour with a lip stain or long lasting lipstick. There are endless products on the market for a stay put lip. Use it as your blush too, by sweeping a brush lightly over the product, blotting on a tissue and gently apply it to your cheeks. Finish with a spritz of makeup setting spray and go have some fun. 

Woman with long brown hair wears black swimsuit with white polkadots 


It’s no secret to us that many women experience changes in body composition and shape during menopause. We are often contacted by our customers who are frustrated with their change in shape and unsure how to dress their new body. Swimwear is a particularly difficult item to shop for when your body changes. Weight gain, bigger busts, round tummies and a loss of lean body mass all contribute to a change in size and shape. Follow our guide for swimwear styles that work, or contact us if you need personalised advice. 

Round Tummies

The menopausal tummy is one of the most challenging areas for many women to dress. Fortunately, as we design for curves, we offer many swimsuit styles that work for lovely round bellies. Whether you want to create the illusion of a waist or you just want to cover up, there are many options for dressing a prominent midsection.

Ruffle styles, swing shapes and swim dresses will help conceal the tummy without adding bulk. If you're someone who reaches for a t-shirt to cover up while swimming, these options will look much better and give you back your confidence. Swimsuits with waistbands or wrap designs will give the illusion of a smaller waistline. 




Woman with long brown hair wears black and white v neck swimsuit in the pool. Woman with long brown hair wears black and floral crossover one pieceWoman with long brown hair wears black and floral ruffle tankini top and black pants. Woman with short brown hair wears black and floral frill swim dress. 

Big Busts

With menopause being such a major hormonal shift, it’s no wonder some women’s breasts are impacted. For many women, their bust increases considerably, leaving them with a new challenge when it comes to fit and support. Most swimwear brands only cater for smaller cup sizes with a few extending to DD. Our collection includes supportive swimsuit styles to fit up to a G cup.

Underwire styles will be the most supportive as they provide bust lift and a secure fit. Shelf bras allow for comfortable support and can fit a range of cup sizes. If your weight fluctuates, a swimsuit with a shelf bra will be ideal. If you want to keep your bust under wraps, look for styles with ruffles and flounces that skim over and conceal the bust. 




Woman with long brown hair wears black and floral ruffle tankini top. Woman with long brown hair wears black and white v neck one piece swimsuit 

Loss of Lean Body Mass

As we age, we lose the ability to maintain lean muscle mass. While weight tends to collect around our midsection, we often lose mass in our hips and thighs. This can change our shape considerably and create challenges when it comes to swimwear styles. There are always options, however, and we often help find swimsuits that work for this concern.

Look for swimwear with a lower leg rise. Boyleg styles, bike shorts, or even swim tights are great for slimmer hips and thighs. A skirted pant or swim dress are fabulous feminine options that also works well. 



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