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Finding The Best Maternity Swimwear For You

As we all know,   we are right in the middle of swimsuit season. Whether you are relaxing at home or just about to go on holidays, we want to help you find the most flattering maternity swimsuit for your body shape and needs.

If you are pregnant you want to be comfortable, we are here to help you find the perfect swimsuit. No matter what body type, we have swimsuits that we can recommend for you during your pregnancy to make it all that much easier.

Finding The Best Maternity Swimwear For You

Large bust: 

If you find that your bust has increased bust size you might feel like nothing fits you right anymore. We don't want you to feel self conscious during your pregnancy so we have the best maternity swimwear for you. An option could be if you want to de-emphasize and flatter a large bustline you could look at the Geo Sleeveless maternity one piece or the luxe sport mesh high neck one pieces. They are great as they have a high neck and a supportive shelf bra. The other option would be to get the zip front one pieces or even the Honey Comb range. 

Finding The Best Maternity Swimwear For You

Large hips:

If you find that your hips are getting bigger and your swimsuits are no longer flattering you, try one of our pear shape swimsuits. These maternity lawsuits are made to flatter so you can feel great all day long. Our flouncy one-pieces would be the best option for you as they have a dark colour for the bottom half of your suit. You could even look for a suit that offers a stripe or design along the bust area to draw the eye upward however the flouncy style will be the best maternity swimwear for you. Alternately, try a maternity swimsuit with a short skirt to flatter your hip area and give you a nice shape. 

Finding The Best Maternity Swimwear For You

Small bust:

If you want to create cleavage in your maternity swimwear, you have the option of wearing a maternity swimsuit with a V-neck or even an underwire for added support. Even more, try a  halter-style top that lifts the bust to give you a great shape and look. To generally enhance your bustline with maternity swimwear, you can always wear a maternity swimsuit with frilled or textured prints such as the Honey Comb along the bust. If you are a smaller bust we would suggest avoiding high-neck maternity swimsuits as they tend to press breasts down.

Bright colours:

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you should fade into the background! Don't be afraid to wear a maternity swimsuit that has fun and bright colours. You could look at choosing a maternity swimsuit with blocks of colour, or one solid bright colour rather than wild patterns that overwhelm.

We have lots of fun and exciting maternity swimwear for you to feel and look great during your 9 months. No matter what you need or what suits you, we are sure we can help you find the right bathing suit for you. Feel free to message or call us today to find out the best maternity swimsuits for you! We are available via phone, email, social media or even live chat! 



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