Do High Waisted Bikinis Look Good? Um, Yeah!!

Today, we’re going to breakdown all the frequently asked questions about high waisted bikinis. After years and years of hipster and low rise bikinis, the high waist is back, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

With every new or revived trend comes a barrage of questions from interested yet hesitant shoppers. Keen to dip their toe into the latest style but unsure if it will work for them, many women will hit us up with queries and questions regarding our latest offering.  

3 women wear different styles of high waisted bikini bottoms with matching tops

High waisted bikinis look good on everyone.

We’re here to answer the most common questions about high waisted bikinis so you can feel confident to choose a swimsuit that you’ll look and feel fantastic in.

Why Choose a High Waisted Bikini?

There are many benefits to choosing high waisted bikini bottoms. Coverage is one of the main reasons many women opt for a higher rise pant. Feeling covered and secure with a body hugging style that comes ups to the waistline provides comfort and confidence for many women.

High waist bikini bottoms accentuate the waistline, even if you don’t really have one. The eye is drawn to where the pant finishes, creating the illusion of a defined waist. This has become a modern and fashionable silhouette to flaunt at the beach, with a hint of retro vintage glamour.

Tummy control and support is another reason to choose a high waist bikini pant. There’s no need to suck it in when wearing a high rise pant, as the bikini bottoms do it all for you. Choose a style lined with Power Mesh and you’ll feel supported and secure as the pant keeps you held in and beautifully shaped.

Brunette model wears Leopard crop wrap top and high waisted retro skirted pant

High waisted pants give you coverage, curves, and confidence!

Is a High Waisted Bikini Flattering?

Are you wondering which bikini bottom is most flattering for you? High waists look great on everyone, but you might like to consider which style of high pant will suit you best. Rather than thinking of your specific body shape, think about what you’d like to show off and what you’d prefer to cover.

A full coverage pant will keep your booty and hips hidden drawing attention to your waistline. This style accentuates you curves without showing too much skin. Shop our Classic High Waisted Pant for the perfect full coverage bikini bottom.

A skirted pant offers even more coverage with a gathered skirt detail draped across the front of the pant. This retro inspired feature creates a distraction from your body with the eye drawn to the style of the pant instead. Shop our Retro Skirted Pant for a vintage high waist look.

Surprisingly, a cheeky cut pant minimises a fuller bottom. The eye is drawn to the fabric of the pant, especially if its patterned, thinking this is the size of the booty. While you do show more skin, a cheeky cut pant is a great choice for making your bottom appear smaller. Shop our High Cut Pant for a flattering a sexy high waist bikini pant.

Model wears Pink Bloom crop wrap top and high waisted pant by the pool

If in doubt, try a classic high waisted pant with a cute wrap top.

Who Can Wear a High Waisted Cheeky Bikini?

High waisted cheeky bikini bottoms are for anyone who dares to take the plunge. The cheeky cut will add curves and shape to a flat bum, minimise a full bottom, and just look super sexy on everyone.

The higher rise leg line elongates and slims the pins. Think 80s and 90s swimwear models – their legs appeared to go on forever! Admittedly they were super long, but the high leg made their legs seem never ending. The magic of fashion design.

Red haired model wears Leopard tie front bikini and high cut high waisted pant

Elongate the legs with a high cut, high waisted bikini.

Which Tops Look Best with a High Waisted Bikini Bottom?

Depending on your own style, you can mix and match any top and bottom to create a swimsuit that suits you. A skimpy triangle bikini top can look equally amazing with a full coverage pant or a cheeky cut bikini bottom.

Wearing a crop top style with more coverage can look beautifully balanced with a skirted pant for a retro look or paired with a high cut skimpy pant for a fun and sexy style. You can even opt for a tankini top if you’d prefer to fully cover your midsection.

Mix your colours and prints, too. Pair black high waisted bikini bottoms with any printed bikini top with pops of black or pair a floral white high waisted bikini bottom with a pretty plain colour tankini top. The options are endless and they’re all good!

Model poses next to vintage car wearing Retro Floral high waisted pant and reversible bikini top

Mix your bikini separates to create your ideal swimsuit.

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