Buying Plus Size Swimwear with Afterpay

Does your wardrobe say yes, but your wallet says no? We all know that feeling right!? Modern day women like us have a lot to think about when it comes to spending and saving money, especially when it comes to quality plus size swimwear.

Planning a holiday can be especially hard when it comes to budgeting and planning what you can and can't spend. We want you to be able to buy your swimwear using Afterpay, a quick and easy service! If you aren’t aware if this amazing service then let us explain how this Afterpay is the answers to your wallet's prayers!

AfterPay is the best buy now pay later platform in Australia.

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Shopping with Afterpay

Read through the blog to learn more about how you can use Afterpay to shop for your next favourite swimsuit or jump straight to the FAQ you're intersted in.

    Why Afterpay?

    Afterpay makes budgeting for your plus size swimwear easier, allowing you to break down your payments into four equal installments. No interest, no fees. Yes, you read that right!

    So say you wanted to buy a plus size swim dress for $150.00 (free shipping as it is over $100) then your payments could be paid back over 8 weeks in 4 fortnightly instalments of $37.50.

    Afterpay has been around for approximately 2 years and has taken the online shopping scene by storm. Shops and retailers are now adapting the Afterpay service as modern day consumers are struggling more and more to save and spend with rising prices.

    AfterPay is also now available in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

    AfterPay is letting you get holiday ready with ease as you can shop, save and budget. Let’s face it anyone going on a summer or beach holiday wants a new pair of swimmers to take with them. Don’t break the bank this summer, embrace all the things you desire as you enjoy the sun and all things travel.

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    How it works

    With Afterpay find all of the plus size bathers you love and add it to your bag. No need to worry about the cost as you can simply pay it off over time! Breaking the total cost into 4 payments, you can pay for the first 25% of your swimsuit and then pay the rest of the price over time as your payments are set up.

    It’s so simple, just go online and become an AfterPay member within minutes. Also being a AfterPay member gives you extra benefits like the AfterPay sale.

    Organising a girls trip, family getaway or a romantic holiday can be costly enough. We want your future trips to be nothing but perfect. You can buy any of our t-shirts, pants, shoes, visors, swimwear, boardshorts, kaftans and sarongs all using afterpay!

    Get your complete holiday outfit for ¼ of the price and enjoy it straight away. Now you can enjoy your getaway even more and not break the bank in doing so!

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    Benefits of using AfterPay

    The best part about AfterPay is that you get the item straight away.  It’s like the old layby system where you pay it off in instalments but the bounce is that you get to take your purchase home straight away.

    The second benefit of AfterPay is that there are no costs.  It costs you nothing extra to use this fabulous service as long as you make your payments on time. You can also set up automatic payments to come straight out of your bank account so that you never miss a payment.

    See something on sale and you really can’t afford it at the time, then this is when AfterPay is a great benefit allowing you to pay it off in instalments that you can afford.

    Capriosca Swimwear also offers refunds on full price items, so if you are super quick in getting back your swimsuit if it is not the right style or size you won’t even have had to make your first repayment with AfterPay.

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    Paying with Afterpay

    The easy part of Afterpay is that you simply select Afterpay as your payment method at the checkout after picking your bathing suits. The smart part of shopping with afterpay is enjoy your purchase right away with our Express Delivery shipping.

    Over time you just pay over four equal payments. Yes, this is true and Australians are loving the Afterpay buying service. You can now even buy your plane tickets with Afterpay! To make shopping easier for all women looking to find their dream swimsuit for their next getaway.

    You need quality swimwear and this can come for a price. No longer are you looking at a one piece for $100! Now your swimsuit is only $25 with FREE express shipping. What’s more, get it delivered the day after your purchase so you can enjoy it straight away! All you need to be able to use Afterpay is an Australian credit or debit card,  be over 18 years of age and finally to be living in Australia.

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    Fail to Pay

    As it is making your swimwear shopping easier there are terms and conditions of Afterpay. Simply, if you fail to make payment, you will be charged a late payment fee of $10, with a further $7 fee added 7 days later, if the payment is still unpaid.

    Due to the time Afterpay gives you to get ready for the next payment, you can easily save enough money to make your next quarterly payment all while enjoying your new swimwear. Life is better in a swimsuit so why not jump online and look for one today.


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    Afterpay for Plus Size Swimwear Shopping

    At Capriosca Swimwear our plus size swimwear fits up to a size 30, and starts at a size 10. With tons of features and sizes fitting up to a G cup, you can’t go wrong when shopping online with us!

    If you want to see more of our Capriosca babes, check us out on Instagram to see all of our stunning curvy babes rocking their swimsuits. Don’t miss out on summer this year. Make the most of it and shop with Afterpay. You deserve to feel amazing so let us help you do so!

    Buying Plus Size Swimwear with Afterpay

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