October 05, 2020 4 min read

In this blog we talk about the Body Positivity movement and the great changes that have been made over the years.  This movement has created awareness in our community for people to accept all bodies no matter what their shape, size, or colour is.  Here at Curvy Swimwear we meet lots of  lovely customers who are not confident with their body.  At our gorgeous showroom and retail space on the Gold Coast we give ladies the opportunity to book in for a specialised fitting with our top swimwear fitting specialists.

Positive Body Image and Confidence

Shop with Confidence

It’s during these special fittings that we see negativity and self doubt that some people struggle with.  We have lots of women who won’t come out of the change rooms, or cry, we can tell from the minute that they walk into the store what their body positivity is like.  Some women have worked themselves up so much before they even arrive that we will spend the first 30 minutes just talking with them and calming them to try and lift their confidence. 

We will chat with them about what their fears are, a lot of that is not wanting to go out in public in a swimsuit.  Generally they are buying a swimsuit for their next holiday.  We focus on that holiday and the fun memories that they will be making. 

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Body Positive Mums 

If they are a mum with small children we remind them about their time spent with their kids and what the kids will remember – that mum was fun and in the pool with them.  By refocusing them and changing their perception of their body image we can make them feel smoking hot in their new swimsuit by the time they leave.

With Summer just around the corner we want you to start your journey now and radiate in your swimwear by summer. If you can’t make it to our Gold Coast store then we are going to guide you on the ultimate body positivity inspiration steps and who knows you might become the next body positive activist.

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Positivity in Social Media

We have seen the positive impact of social media on body image positivity through advocates and brands who have embraced and supported the need to teach more people to love themselves and accept people’s physical appearance.  We loved companies like Dove who showed us that all women are beautiful regardless of size, shape or colour with their “Real Beauty” campaign.  Sport England with their “This Girl Can” and brands like Aerie and Nike using a diverse size range of models.

These positive steps through media and brands are making people more accepting of each others bodies, and increasing peoples body positivity as they relate to others on tv or in magazines.

Some of the best body positive instagram accounts that we recommend that you follow are @bodyposipanda , @tessholliday, @felicityhayward, @allisonkimmey and @nonairbrushedme.  Following body positive Instagram accounts such as these will help you to feel good about your body.  This is a great support group, passionate women who encourage others to self love, positive affirmations and quotes to get you going and inspire you. 

We encourage you to unfollow all those accounts that make you feel bad about your body with their unattainable goals and start your journey with influencers that truly are passionate about making a difference.

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What is Body Positivity?

What is Body Positivity?  Body positivity is the movement that has been sweeping the world for the last 20 years.  We’ve seen spikes of it in the 60’s but with the increase in social media since the late 90’s it has increased momentum.  It is the belief that everyone should self love and have a positive body image of themselves.  It is accepting peoples size, shape, colour, disfigurement that have major effects for people psychologically.

The movement is an important part of physical and mental well being with many people suffering from long term negative body image, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.  While the body positive movement focuses largely on women it has also helped many men who suffer from the same struggles with body image.

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Why is Positive Body Image Important?

A positive body image needs to start at a very young age, we need to teach our children to love their bodies. Starting these positive attitudes at a young age will help your children to have good self esteem and confidence that will help them through their life. 

Guide your children from a young age to not worry about weight, don’t talk about dieting or exercising to loose weight.  Set a positive outlook on eating and exercise and encourage your child to think critically about messages and images that they are seeing in social media and television. 

Starting at an early age to promote body positivity also flows on in all aspects of our life, with our relationships, education and work life, improving our overall performance with a higher self-confidence.  How much more could we achieve when we are not worried about our self image and can focus on what is more important in our lives.

Social media such as Instagram and Facebook studies have found that the more time teenagers spend on social media the more likely they are to have a negative body image and decreased self esteem as they are comparing themselves to their friends and influencers.  As parents we need to keep an eye on what is negative effecting our children.

We want to encourage body image at home and in our community to increase peoples self esteem and make them more confident, reducing issues such as depression and eating disorders. 

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