Body Positive and Self-Love New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions that are about appreciating your body

The idea of a new year can be very exciting, especially after the dreadful year 2020 has been. Unfortunately that means it’s the time of year when people resolve to make significant lifestyle and diet changes, usually achieved through weight loss and non-viable amounts of exercise. These types of resolutions seem to highlight our ‘flaws’ by focusing on what we should be doing better, and not celebrating what we already have.

Instead of setting a weight-loss or dieting goal, why not set resolutions that have a positive mindset and will ultimately help you love and appreciate your body?

Here are 5 encouraging body positive New Year’s resolutions to try in 2021:

Do a Social Media Cleanse

Unfortunately, social media can have an impact on your body image in a negative way. The constant exposure to certain body types can make you have a distorted view of your own body and can lead to people negatively comparing themselves.

Unfollow people who have a bad impact on your mental health and body image on all social media platforms. Follow people and accounts that promote the same ideals and beliefs you have about body image and self love. You can also join groups and communities that have like-minded, body positive people in them where you can find resources and inspiration!

If you find yourself feeling insecure after going on social media, it can also help to take a break.

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Wear Clothes that Make you Feel Confident

Wear styles and colours that you love, know you look good in and make you feel like your best self. This might be easier said than done sometimes, but your clothes should make you feel beautiful and positive. Forget what you’ve read about ‘dressing for your body type’ and just wear whatever you like.

Wear clothes that emphasise the parts of your body that you love, colours that flatter you and pieces you can’t get enough of. Your opinion of your clothing is the only one that matters. 

If you have clothes in your wardrobe that don’t fit quite right, or that you don’t wear anymore, why not donate them?

Practice Self-Care

Self-care can mean different things to different people. Setting aside time for yourself can massively help your body image, mental health and self-confidence. Make sure you do things that you actually enjoy, and will make you feel like the best version of you.

Do something for yourself that your body will appreciate, like taking a relaxing bath, meditating, getting enough sleep or getting a massage.

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Make exercise a positive experience

Exercise doesn’t have to be related to weight loss. Rather than focusing on working out because you want to change a part of your body, change your mindset so working out can have a positive impact. Instead of fixating on a particular number, it’s much more helpful to create personal goals like lifting a heavier weight, getting a little further when you walk, or going to a class you enjoy.

Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment, and you should incorporate some sort of movement that you enjoy into your routine. Whether you like going to the gym, walking outside, swimming, zumba or a number of other exercises, find something you enjoy and do that!

Practice Positive Self-Talk

If you find yourself talking negatively about your body, dieting or weight loss, it’s time to change your ways. Try practising positive self-talk in the morning or evening as part of your routine to help you feel good about yourself and your body. Using positive affirmations can help to improve the thoughts you have about your body image and improve your self esteem.

 Some body positive and self-love affirmations are:

  • “I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough.”
  • “My body deserves love and respect.”
  • “I am thankful for my body and all the things it can do.”
  • “I am confident in my body.”
  • “Today I will take care of my body by _______.”

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We love body positivity model Ashley Graham, especially this quote from her. "If you don't love who you are, you are never going to feel 100 percent satisfied in life. It all starts with you, nobody else is going to be able to."

We know that feeling positive about your body can be a long process, but we hope these New Year's resolutions can help you embrace yourself!

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