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Copy Cat Chinese Websites

While imitation may seem like the sincerest form of flattery, when it comes to shopping online, this can have serious consequences. It has come to our attention that our website, brand name, and products have been copied by other swimwear websites, imitating Curvy Swimwear Australia. This has caused immense confusion, frustration, and loss of money for customers who thought they were buying from us.

After a thorough investigation, we’ve discoverd that a large Chinese based product manufacturing ring has been targeting Australia and other western countries. They are behaving in an unlawful, misleading, and fraudulent manner.

3 women pose by the pool wearing different styles of swimwear

Our models Alannah, Bonnie, and Krystal pose by our Curvy Pool in Surfers Paradise, Australia

Copy Cat Websites 

These are the websites we have discovered to be fraudulent. They all have a similar layout and present the same products. Beware of these websites or others that are similar. 

Protect Yourself from Fraud 

In order to protect our customers and our brand reputation we have engaged an Internet Removal company to help us with this process. WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) has shut down and is in the process of reviewing these additional websites.

How to Know You are Buying from a Legitimate Website

  1. If the prices are too good to be true that is the first warning
  2. Check the “About Us” section of the website
  3. Check the “Shipping” section of the website to work out where they are based and where the goods are being shipped from
  4. What is the “Returns Policy” and where do you have to post it back to?
  5. Is there a “Contact” phone number

If you have experienced any issues with this company please let us know as all evidence is being passed onto the Police as this is an organised crime syndicate and charges will be made.


3 women stand in the pool wearing different styles of swimsuits from Curvy Swimwear Australia

Our models Krystal, Kate, and Bel wear swimsuits from Curvy Swimwear in our very own pool on the Gold Coast

For more information on how to shop safely, read our guide to buying swimwear online in Australia with confidence.

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