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August 26, 2018 1 min read

You may be wondering what a swimdress is and what are the benefits of a swimdress? With such a interesting style of swimsuit, you may be thinking how does this work when swimming and how good are they really?

A swimdress is an extremely popular style of swimsuit that caters to many women, young and mature.

We offer a swimdress in both chlorine resistant and normal lycra. The great thing about a swimdress is that the one piece swimsuit is built in, with the dress over the top. Another benefit of a swimdress is that they come with wider straps and a straight across neck line. They are certainly more modest compared to other swimsuits but this is a great choice if you want comfort and coverage.

We get a lot of ladies looking to cover their legs a little more. The swimdress is the top pick as it offers more length then the other swimsuits do. The other benefit of the swim dress is that they are also available in great patterns, generally panelled which creates a slimming effect. Perfect for swim classes, you will still be protected and covered by the one piece inside the swim dress. We have several swimdresses online that are also chlorine proof.

If you are a pear shape, a swimdress is a great choice. A pear shape is those who have a bigger lower body then their top half.

Feel comfortable and supported in and out of the water in a swimdress.

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