7 Tips for Getting An Insta Worthy Swimsuit Shot

Hot Girl Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to don your favourite swimmers and take that Insta worthy pic for all your followers to drool over!

It can be as simple as a quick snap of you smiling on the sand or a carefully curated picture of you posing to really show off your killer bod.

Either way, we’ve compiled some quick tips for you to make the most of your swimsuit shots.

Know your Angles

Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone has a good side or at least a side they prefer to be photographed.

Maybe you know your profile is better from the left, or you want to draw attention to your jawline so you look up slightly, whatever it be make sure you know what angles work best for you, this way you are guaranteed to find a photo you love.

Before taking photos make sure you know what sort of look you are going for, this could be a high fashion posed image or a natural giggling photo.

This simple definition can determine how you sit or stand, or where you are looking.

A simple tip is to put your chin up slightly, if you are looking down you may give yourself an unflattering double chin.

Looking up elongates the neck and shoulders and gives you a better posture.



A simple photography tip is to frame your image correctly. Turn the grid on the camera on your phone and line the subject up either directly in the centre or where the lines meet. These are natural focal points of the eye and can help guide the viewer as to where to look.

If you look into fashion photography you will see that triangles are everywhere. Triangles make you appear longer and leaner and will give you a more high fashion look to your swimsuit picture.

This can be achieved by placing your hand on your hip, or in your hair. Crossing your legs or bringing them out to form a V creates a more dynamic and interesting photo.


Camera Placement

The angle the photo is taken from can make or break your shot. As plus-size woman photos taken from low down tend to make you appear bigger than you are and can cast unflattering shadows on your body. Similarly, photos taken from too high up can shorten your body and make you appear stumpy.

We find photos taken at eye level or with a slight upwards angle are best, allowing you to elongate your body and disguise any unflattering shadows.


Lighting is Key

Good lighting can change your image completely, with the sun being able to cast unflattering shadows on your body and highlight lumps and bumps you didn’t even know you had.

Try to avoid taking images when the sun is harsh or directly above you, but instead opt for shady spots and the sun behind your body. This will naturally blur any imperfections and leave your skin looking glowing and healthy.



Don’t be afraid to accessorise your swimsuit with bags, hats and sarongs. These items can not only be a useful disguise from any particular areas of concern but also add interest to an image. We are big fans of making your waist appear smaller with a sarong tied around your waist drawing attention to your waist and disguising your upper thigh and hips.

Sunglasses are a great accessory for swimsuit shots, you won’t need to worry about squinting, having your eyes shut or not knowing where to look. These super fun accessories can jazz up your outfit and add some style to your swimsuit.


Look Long

One tip we always tell our models is to look long. This means to elongate your legs, point your toes and make your neck look longer. This draws the eyes up and makes your body more shapely. Play around with extending one leg or twisting your hips slightly to change the shapes your body naturally makes.

Good posture is also important. When posing make sure to pull your shoulders back and chip up to give yourself a good figure. Slouching will do you no favours, especially when in a swimsuit so make sure to pay attention to your posture.

If you are looking to accentuate your behind and make your legs look more muscular try posing on your tip toes to activate your glutes.

If sitting, try posing on your knees instead of sitting flat. This will give shape to your thighs and not let them pancake out.


Candid is Best

When in doubt, smile and laugh. Candid photos always perform well on Instagram, everyone that follows you wants to see you happy and smiling. So make sure you smile, laugh and act natural, as you always look the best when comfortable.

At the end of the day do what you find is more comfortable and flattering for you. The most important part of any photo is confidence, so long as you feel good, you will look good also!

If you try any of our Instaworthy Swim Hacks make sure to tag us so we can see!

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