12 Presents to Buy Your Girlfriend Who Loves The Beach

You don’t need to tell us, you’ve left gift shopping until last minute and you have no idea what to get your girlfriend for the holidays who seems to have everything she could ever want or need.

We get it! 

Never fear, we have compiled a list of 12 good, no, great gift ideas for your girlfriend that will be sure to land you in the goodbooks.


1. Swimsuit

plus size swimsuit gift guide  

Though it may be obvious, one of the best things to buy your girlfriend/ partner is a new swimsuit. Whether it be a bikini, one-piece or a tankini set this is a sure-fire way to be in the good books this gifting season. 

Find out her favourite colour or pattern and select a swimsuit that you know will flatter her to add to her growing swimsuit collection. 

Extra points if you add some swim accessories to round out her new swim look.



2. Sandproof towel

Everyone knows how annoying it can be to head to the beach and bring half of it home with you. Sand in your car, in your shower and sometimes even in your bed.

Luckily the great towel gods have spoken and created a line of sand proof towels that not only look cute and dry effectively but also leave the sand on the beach where it belongs.

There are so many varieties of these towels out there on the market, but we recommend a cute pattern like polka dots or stripes in her favourite colour.

towel gift guide


3. Sunscreen (the good kind)

sunscreen gift guide

Yes, there is a good kind of sunscreen. We aren’t talking about gifting your girlfriend basic supermarket SPF.

Look a bit deeper into a high quality, non-greasy and great smelling sunscreen. If your girlfriend loves going to a beach dip then go for a water resistant and reef safe sunscreen!

 I know this is a lot of words, but don’t worry we’ve got some brands for you here: BeachFox, Sunny Skin, Happy Hours and Sun JuJu are all great options.





4. Sunglasses

Again, the good kind here. Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory, so don’t skimp out on their eye protection also.

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank- try going for a middle of the range brand with great eye protection and high quality make.

When it comes to picking the perfect type, go for something that is similar to her current collection but not the same. If your girlfriend is a big fan of rectangular-shaped sunglasses, try something in a similar shape with a geometric touch or a fun print.

sunglasses gift guide



5. Beach Cover-up


plus size beach cover up  

You can’t go wrong with some accessories to add to her beach attire. Whether this is a sarong or an overshirt, this is a must-have for any girl who frequents the sand and shore.

You can either go classic black or white or accent her current swimwear collection with bright and bold colours that match her favourite swimsuits. Don’t be scared to double up here, a girl can never have too many coverups!



6. Beach bag

We know you take full advantage of your girlfriend carrying a bag literally everywhere, always asking to put your keys or wallet in it so you don’t have to carry it. We see you. 

Why not help a girl out and get her a great quality beach bag to hold everything she may need for a beach day. Everything from her keys and a towel to your wallet and water bottle will fit and she will look ultra-stylish.

Natural fibres like jute won’t go out of style for a beach bag, this will make a great gift that she will use season after season.


beach bag gift guide


7. Speaker

bluetooth speaker gift guide  

If your girlfriend is always at the beach with her besties then a Bluetooth speaker is a great gift idea!

Something small and compact that is easy for her to transport but also goes loud enough to be heard by a small group of friends is a must-have. 

These can be bought from many different places, you really can’t go wrong with this gift idea.


8. Book

Your girlfriend may not be an avid reader but something is different about relaxing on the sand with a good book - trust us.

Head to your local bookstore and see what's popular or don’t be scared to ask the staff for assistance. This can be a great thoughtful gift for your beach loving girlfriend.

Make sure to include a photo of you both as a bookmark, so your girlfriend can always have you with her.


book gift guide



9. Headphones

bluetooth headphones gift guide

If your girlfriend is a solo beachgoer then a pair of Bluetooth headphones for her to listen to her favourite tunes while lounging is a must have.

Make sure you buy a quality pair as there can be nothing worse than patchy music when you are trying to relax.



10. Water Bottle

When laying out in the sun you can get dehydrated pretty quickly, so a water bottle is a must for any beachgoer.

Your beach-loving girlfriend would love a great quality water bottle that keeps her water cold even when in the sun - bonus points when it is in her favourite colour or is super trendy.

Try Frank Green or a Hydroflask for a high quality and stylish water bottle.

drinkbottle gift guide



11. Beach umbrella

beach umbrellas gift guide  

This one may be a little tricky to wrap but a beach umbrella is a must have for any frequent beach-goer.

You can get these for a variety of price points and in a huge range of colours, patterns and sizes. 

Make sure when purchasing you take into account if your girlfriend is a solo beach goer or one who often goes in a group to ensure you buy the correct size.

  If you really want to go above and beyond try getting a matching beach umbrella to her towel to complete her beach aesthetic.



12. Birkenstocks


It’s no secret we are big fans of Birkenstocks - seriously ask anyone! These versatile sandals are great to wear both to and from the beach and come in a variety of colours and styles to suit your girlfriend's personal style.

Birkenstocks can be a difficult find in Australia around Christmas season, this highly sought after shoe is quick off the racks. So be quick to secure her size in time to have it under the tree.

eva birkenstocks white gift guide



If you haven’t found something in this list here that you could gift your girlfriend then we’re sorry you’re on your own here. Happy gifting!

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